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Freefalling Jets Look to the Future…Again

If you’re a long time JET fan like myself,  you’re probably used to the scenario by now.  Promising collection of players being lead by a newbie QB who can’t seem to get it together fat enough to placate the fans, … Continue reading

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Growing Vegetables- Spring 2014- Part 5

If you are on Long Island in New York you know that spring is now in full bloom and summer is just a few weeks away.  The weather by and large has been pleasant and pretty good for growing vegetables.  … Continue reading

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I’m sure the vast majority of New York basketball fans thought the Knicks would find       themselves jockeying for playoff position in the miserable eastern conference this season.  Then with a Herculean effort by the likes of Carmelo, … Continue reading

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Rumblings…Ramblings and Musings…2013 in Review

An odd sort of year was 2013.  Bizarre and extreme politics in Washington DC.  Everything New York Sports in the tank.  The tomato blight. Wacky dangerous weather.  Business doing better but not seeing any real breakthrough till way later in … Continue reading

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A-ROD Hearing Takes a Decidedly Bizarre Twist

I’m driving to a business meeting and I turn on the radio in my ride.  I tune into WFAN in NY for my daily dose of mindless and sometimes mind numbing sports talk dished out by the popular station.  It’s … Continue reading

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Stop and Frisk…a Very Slippery Slope…

Wikipedia describes New York City’s STOP & FRISK  program thusly…“The New York City stop-question-and-frisk program is a practice of the New York City Police Department by which police officers stop and question tens of thousands of pedestrians annually, and frisk … Continue reading

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Immigration Reform?

I guess a lot of people think of me as a left-leaning liberal sort of guy…an old hippie with political and activist roots in the 60”s and early 70’s.  That may be true on many fronts but when it comes … Continue reading

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Why Do We Hate Lebron so Much!??!?

He is truly a gifted athlete.  He is a man of endless talent and energy. His exploits on the court are well documented.  He can shoot the jumper…he can go to the hole…his burst of speed and powerful upper body … Continue reading

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NSA says surveillance foiled 50 terrorist plots

I’ve been accused of being a “liberal”, a “leftist” and oh no,  a….democrat!  But I have to say in a lot of ways I lean to the right when it comes to the issues surrounding the NSA keeping close tabs … Continue reading

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Here I go.

Hello kids!  I’ve been accused of being too liberal…too hardline…too musical and sometimes too abrasive….ahhhhhh ya’ can’t please everyone, all the time!  But I do know who I am and I do know what I like and I do know … Continue reading

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