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34 Years in An Instant…

I remember 1980 was an unusually warm year. Even the month of December seemed sort of balmy.  It was a Sunday afternoon like any other.  I was packing up my briefcase to head off to work at Oceans New York, … Continue reading

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I am reading a truly great book by Larry Kane…the newsman who traveled with the Beatles on their ’64 and ’65 American tours.  He later became quite close to John Lennon and stays friendly with Paul and Ringo even today. … Continue reading

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Russell’s Brand of Humour – In Many Ways it’s Quite Enlightening

A few years ago while channel surfing my way through a dull evening I came across one of those inane entertainment talk shows where brainless bleach blondes extol the dubious virtues of the latest pop culture heroes / phenomenons. I … Continue reading

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JULY 6, 1957

I had turned 5 on May 12th, 1957.  It was a different world…a different time and place. Gasoline was 24 cents a gallon.  I vaguely remember the grownups complaining about the Dodgers leaving town. The folks were talking about spending … Continue reading

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It’s funny how life goes. 73 years ago a boy was born in Liverpool.  As a child, Richard Starkey was sickly little kid from the rough tough neighborhood called the Dingle.  A place in Liverpool that is so wild and … Continue reading

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