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Carmen Lundy’s SOUL to SOUL

Carmen Lundy’s latest collection of original contemporary jazz music is nothing short of a revelation.  It is about 70 minutes of jubilation spewing forth from a confident artist and her band upon achieving a higher level.  Allow me to say … Continue reading

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CROZ, a Masterful Musical Effort, 19 years in the Making

David Crosby is American music icon.  Born in Los Angeles on August 14, 1941, Crosby has led a varied oft times controversial life. He was a founding member of two widely known classic pop-rock bands: The Byrds and Crosby Stills … Continue reading

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Big Mouth’s Miscellaneous Ramblings-July 2014

I know a lot of you probably hate this weather but I love it!  Gimme a nice warm summer day and I’m about as happy as I can be! It’s been steamy around here lately but hey…it’s summer right?  When … Continue reading

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I am reading a truly great book by Larry Kane…the newsman who traveled with the Beatles on their ’64 and ’65 American tours.  He later became quite close to John Lennon and stays friendly with Paul and Ringo even today. … Continue reading

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      Brian Samuel Epstein was born on September 19th 1934 in London. He died tragically on August 27th, 1967 also in London…and though he was fabulously successful, having discovered and launched THE BEATLES, he was a lonely, depressed … Continue reading

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JULY 6, 1957

I had turned 5 on May 12th, 1957.  It was a different world…a different time and place. Gasoline was 24 cents a gallon.  I vaguely remember the grownups complaining about the Dodgers leaving town. The folks were talking about spending … Continue reading

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It’s funny how life goes. 73 years ago a boy was born in Liverpool.  As a child, Richard Starkey was sickly little kid from the rough tough neighborhood called the Dingle.  A place in Liverpool that is so wild and … Continue reading

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Pat Metheny-Continuing Decades of Musical Brilliance

In the late 1970’s I had heard musical friends talking about a guitarist that seemed to combine rock, classical and jazz music forms into a coherent style all his own.  The music had great power but also elegance and clarity … Continue reading

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