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Trump Gets Whacked by THE NATIONAL REVIEW

The Trump bandwagon continues to roll along. picking up speed with pissed off white people lining up to back him. Apparently he embodies all of their misdirected anger and more than a little of their loud pushback. A pushback against all … Continue reading

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Advertisers Abandoning Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. Plain and simple. You can call him a bigot…a racist…a pundit…a loudmouth…a screwball…a rightwing blowhard…the defacto spritual leader of the far right Republicans etc etc etc.  As despicable as I find his “act”, Rush Limbaugh … Continue reading

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34 Years in An Instant…

I remember 1980 was an unusually warm year. Even the month of December seemed sort of balmy.  It was a Sunday afternoon like any other.  I was packing up my briefcase to head off to work at Oceans New York, … Continue reading

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Phil Jackson takes the Reins…wow!

Last week I wrote a story chronicling the pathetic, miserable, ridiculous, disappointing 2013-14 New York Knicks season.  Terrible…horrible…a joke. But wait a minute now. Yesterday morning saw one of the most amazing and quite unbelievable turnarounds in the history of … Continue reading

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If the BEES Go… We ALL Follow

I’ve been studying this rather scary and intimidating ecological dilemma for a few years now.  From time to time the story has popped up in the newspaper, magazines, on TV documentaries and of course on the net. I’ve always been … Continue reading

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Rumblings…Ramblings and Musings…2013 in Review

An odd sort of year was 2013.  Bizarre and extreme politics in Washington DC.  Everything New York Sports in the tank.  The tomato blight. Wacky dangerous weather.  Business doing better but not seeing any real breakthrough till way later in … Continue reading

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Goodbye Nelson Mandela

This past week the world bid farewell to one of the finest people to ever stand amongst us.  Nelson Mandela was born in South Africa in July of 1918. He was the man who completely transformed the landscape of a … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving…what a concept!

A uniquely American event takes place on the last Thursday of every November. We call it THANKSGIVING.  The history, the traditions, the rituals have been passed down generation to generation for nearly 400 years…a mighty long time when you consider … Continue reading

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John F. Kennedy…50 Years Gone…

Back in ’63 I was a kid at the elementary school in a small town on Long Island. My biggest concerns in life were the batting order for the neighborhood stick ball game…whether or not I had Mickey Mantle’s baseball … Continue reading

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A-ROD Hearing Takes a Decidedly Bizarre Twist

I’m driving to a business meeting and I turn on the radio in my ride.  I tune into WFAN in NY for my daily dose of mindless and sometimes mind numbing sports talk dished out by the popular station.  It’s … Continue reading

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