Spring is here again and romaine and red romaine lettuce, beets, two types of kale, mesclun greens, snow peas, arugula, cabbage, escarole and swiss chard are in the ground. We’ve been cleaning up the plot, area by area, using our mantis tiller and spreading VEGETABLES ALIVE organic fertilizer from the Gardens Alive catalogue. As we re-claim each area we plant in those areas. This is much easier than trying to do it all at once! Much easier on the back too.


We start the seeds for tomatoes and peppers in the house.


Now that the cool weather varieties are in the ground, I am in the process of hardening the warm weather crops. I started them in the house in March and April in my mini green house. Once they pop in about 7-10 days I move them to a room temperature environment. Now that the weather has become milder with dappled sunlight, I have begun moving the tomatoes and peppers outside to get used to that new temperature Spring and direct sun.


Depending on the year this can be tricky and I’ve had some issues in the past. Generally I try not to rush the process. First day out I do 30 minutes. After that it’s about 90 minutes for a week or two. When the plants are larger and visibly stronger I leave them out day and night. Usually tomatoes and peppers are strong and ready for the garden plot somewhere between May 10 and 20.

The garlic we planted last September has come through a mild winter in great shape and our perennial asparagus are already producing .




I’ll check back with everyone once the tomatoes and peppers are ready to roll.

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1 Response to EARLY GARDEN 2017

  1. Joanne F says:

    Nice work, Joe and Tara!

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