How Could a Jet Win or Loss this week become a Win-Win-Win?

I’ve been very very quiet about this 2016-2017 JET season. It’s been a fairly dismal disappointing season for sure. Now the team has arrived at a place that in my opinion, can be a win-win-win regardless of whether or not they beat The Dolphins this Sunday or lose the game.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.40.57 PM

Now you’re thinking , “Yo’ Joe…have you lost what little mind you had to begin with? Have the unfortunate years of Jet calamities finally added up to the mental breakdown that was often predicted?”

Nope. I’m not crazy. I’m not delusional. I’m not a victim of years of accumulated Jet pain(also referred to frequently as “THE CURSE”). Nope. I am a reasonable and pragamatic fellow and after having studied the situation I see this weekend’s Jet-Dolphins game as a win-win-win no matter what happens. Allow me to explain.


First off let us assume the Jets lose the game in Miami. Yes it would count as a loss and probably end the team’s chances of making the post season and all but guarantee them a losing season. Well that’s a negative but in reality that’s the first WIN. Why? How? Depending on just how miserable the season gets we are all but guaranteed a great player in next year’s draft. I think Mikey Mac has done an awesome job as GM and I have every faith he’ll get his man.

Woody & Maccagnan

Now let’s assume the Jets win in Miami. Both in the obvious sense and the“keep the season alive”sense. If The Jets can indeed squish the Fish, their record improves to 4-5 and plops them into the wild card race with lots of games left in the season. That is a WIN. The following week they play a schizoid Rams team that is certainly another possible win. They would then be sitting at their bye week with a record of 5-5 with 6 games to go. They could end up 10-6 or 9-7 and squeak into the playoffs. Certainly a win no matter how you look at it.

Now for a moment let’s assume once again that The Jets lose to the Dolphins this Sunday. Once again…WIN!  Why?!??! They would be a dismal 3-6 and management would be forced to look at Bryce Petty and maybe even Christian Hackenberg. This is a major win going forward. We will finally get to see what they have in the potential starting QB sweepstakes once and for all.




It’s pretty obvious after the events of the last couple of weeks that Geno Smith won’t be back and neither will Fitzpatrick.  Finding out what’s on the roster can only be looked upon as a WIN.  A huge win going forward considering the QB problems this team has had over the years.

So there you have it folks. Win or lose, this weekend’s games against the Dolphins is a WIN – WIN – WIN for the NY JETS! Enjoy the game!




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