The Season of Discontent

From the moment the 2015 World Series ended the fan base of the NEW YORK METS wanted nothing more than a victory in the 2016 WORLD SERIES.


Unfortunately there have been a three unforseen problems that have sabotaged the METS 2016 season.


Met fans don’t want to hear it because there have been so many disappointing seasons over the years. But this season was wrecked by circumstances that are just an annoying part of the game that can’t be planned or controlled. Pointing fingers at management, coaching etc etc makes no sense. As the saying goes, “Shit happens”.

Problem number one. Their vaunted pitching staff was pretty average for most of the year. The hype said the Mets were looking at 4 – 20 game winners. NOT. But going forward they still have the making of a great, strong, young rotation that will be together for at least the next few years…still time for them to make a big impact, and I still believe there will be great success ahead.

Matt Harvey

Problem number two. Can anybody get a hit with men on base? The METS failure to drive in runs, given numerous opportunities have been nothing short of epic. If it weren’t for the early success of Neal Walker, and the continuing brilliance of Wilmer Flores and Yoenis Cespedes, the numbers would be completely ridiculous. At one point Granderson was hitting less than .150 with RISP!  YIKES !

Cespedes 2

Problem number three. INJURIES.

Plain and simple one injury after another completely derailed the METS this season. When you take a moment to really think about it, it is truly amazing that the METS have managed to endure, and as of this writing they are still on the fringe of the playoffs having lost just about every major player on the team. It’s incredible.

Has ANY team ever had to deal with the rash of physical ailments like the 2016 METS have had to deal with?

Matt Harvey….out for the season.

Zach Wheeler…out for the season.

David Wright…out for the season.

Lucas Duda…out for the season.

Juan Lagares…out for the season.

Travis D’Arnaud…out for many games.

Wilmer Flores…out for many games.

Yoenis Cespedes….out for a bunch of games

Neal Walker out for a bunch of games.

Jose Reyes…out for a bunch of games

Asdrubal Cabrerra….out for a bunch of games.

How is it possible that the METS are even close this year? Can they find a hot streak in themselves ? If they can somehow win 14 of 18 they can creep back into a race they have no right even being in. And if not…well we’ll see you next year.






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4 Responses to The Season of Discontent

  1. Joanne F says:

    What a shame, huh? We started this season so hopeful, and then … the injuries. I think they’re what’s killed this team’s win-loss ratio this year. Not only the ones you mention above, but it seems like every game someone’s going out on DL for even minor stuff (comparatively speaking).

    It’s great for me to be back in this orange-and-blue fold (or is it blue-and-orange? I’m so used to the Gators’ color order), but I have quickly learned the cycle of Mets up and down. Amazing how we ended up so up at the end of last season, began this one so hopefully up, then came crashing back down to reality. Reality bites this year. 😦

    • joeref says:

      The METS are on a roll and I don’t mean with lettuce and mustard. They are on the fringe of getting into the playoffs. Maybe they will stay hot and who knows! If not…well…see you next year.

      • Joanne F says:

        Yes … until today? OMG, I’m glad I missed today’s game. I hear it wasn’t pretty. But you’re right — the last several games, since Yo came back, have been awesome. Him, Wilmer, Big Sexy, Adrubas, all kicking butt and reminding us of what they are capable. Can they make Wild Card?

  2. joeref says:

    I think they can. Will they? That’s another story.

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