From the moment the World Series ended the fan base of the NEW YORK METS have only thought of one thing. Get back to the Series and WIN IT.


Management did everything within reason to make that wish a reality.

Cespedes is amongst us.

Cespedes 2

The pitching staff is solid…(despite Matt Harvey’s recent hiccups)

In addition to the signing of the big slugger, they upgraded both short and second by bringing in Asdrubal Cabrera and Neil Walker. These guys are professionals and have shown it since they’ve been here. . Reliable steady bats and gloves to support the pitching staff with solid middle infield defense. The METS have made more double plays than ever…a boon to the young flame throwing arms. They re-signed Bartolo Colon…a great move. He’s been great and will keep eating innings until Wheeler gets back.

So where are we on June 13, 2016? The injury bug has taken a nice big bite out of the METS lineup. Once again Wright is out indefinitely, and his career could possible be over depending on what he looks like when he gets back. Duda out indefinitely with the foot fracture. Flores hurting but trying to tough it out. Lagares hurting and trying to touch it out. Conforto hurting and trying to tough it out. Actually today’s NEWSDAY says his bad left wrist will be examined doctors today.

D’Arnaud out indefinitely but maybe it looks like he may be back sooner rather than later. Wow. The Mets are fielding a minor league team similar to th eone they put on the field last year at this time. Great move bringing back Kelly Johnson from the Braves and I like the Loney deal too.

The METS are 34 and 28 after a 5-5 road trip that could have easily been 7-3. Though they are scuffling along, they are keeping their heads in the race with Tha=e Nats and I there’s something to be said about that.

Terry Collins

The latest bug bite came yesterday when Terry Collins went to the hospital before the Brewer game in Milwaukee with what has been described as “undisclosed symptoms”. That sounds fairly ominous for a 67 year manager in the middle of the season. I guess we are going to find out just how resilient, just how tough these METS are. They sit 4 and a half games behind rival Nationals. It’s quite early to be drawing any definitive conclusions, but if they pitch as expected, and if they can get some of their front line palyers back off the DL, they should be battling the NATS all season long.






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2 Responses to NY METS-JUNE 2016

  1. Joanne F says:

    If I remember correctly, the Mets were in a slump at about this time last year — albeit not due to injuries. Let’s hope they come out of it and regain the mojo they had earlier in the season. The injuries are always scary, though, and we can only hope the team recovers all players. #LGM!

  2. joeref says:

    I’m not sure how long they can compete with all of these key guys hurt. Hopefully within a couple of weeks they’ll be back.

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