Gearing Up For Summer 2016

I’ve decided that time goes by way too fast. I was talking to a friend of mine that other day and it is truly amazing how we were young men of 24 and then bang…40 years went by! It’s another growing season here on Long island and once again I’m out in the sun with my hands in the dirt.

The small plants we started in the house are now transferred into the garden plot. This was a very late spring. The weather was pretty cold and miserable which made hardening the plants a big pain in the butt…but…they finally got rolling and during the past couple of weeks we got everything into the ground. Usually we have the tomatoes and peppers in the ground around Mother’s Day.  It’s been a late year indeed.


The garlic we planted last September is now about 30 inches high and looking good and strong. We will be picking them in about three and a half weeks.


The asparagus patch has been giving us a nice crop, the last of which we ate this evening. Hopefully we’ll get some more shoots before the plants go to seed in a few weeks.


We’ve been eating red and white romaine lettuce and arugula for a few weeks now. We can never eat as much as we grow! Been giving it away to appreciative folks.


Our blueberry bushes are full of green fruit and it looks like it’s going to be another good year of around 20 pounds. I use BLUEBERRIES ALIVE, a great organic fertilizer that we get online from GARDENS ALIVE. Give them plenty of water and sunshine and the fruit will be great. Our patch is enclosed in a 10 x 10 structure covered with ¼ inch metal screen to keep out both the 4 legged and 2 legged animals. 😉


We planted two types of kale this year…red ragged leaf and dinosaur Italian heirloom. Both are a little slow getting started but my experience is once they get rolling there’s no stopping them!

We also have brussels sprouts and cabbage in the ground. These vegetables are very slow growing and won’t be ready till September.

So far 2016 looks like a great year for vegetables on Long Island.  Enjoy the summer!

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