The Winter of Great Expectations


From the moment the 2015 World Series ended until just a few days ago, a controversy was raging in the media and amongst the fan base of the NEW YORK METS.

Mets logo

To Cespedes or Not To Cespedes…that was the question.


Cespedes  Cespedes 3


Cespedes 2

Whether t’was nobler to stand pat and try to get back to the Series on the strength ofyoung arms, suffering the slings and arrows of a lack of offense (see last season before the trade deadline) or to take arms against a sea of troubles by signing a bat and ending the slumps before they even began! Ending the heartache of a thousand foul balls…to hit…perchance to dream…that the slugger would return.

Spaeketh wise Jerry Seinfeld…Cespedes…for the rest of us !


And then something miraculous happened. A thunderbolt of such fury and power that all of the great City was consumed in delight and much celebration…Cepedes was truly for the rest of us! The NY METS…those same METS who have given us little to be thankful for in recent years gave us a gift of such magnitude that burnt offerings to the BASEBALL GODS are in order.

All kidding aside,  the signing of Yoenis Cespedes puts the METS back into contention for serious serious October baseball. Can they duplicate the feat the Royals accomplished by beating the METS in the 2015 World Series? Can this team get back to the Fall Classic and win it?

Why not?

In addition to the signing of the big slugger they desperately needed, they upgraded both short and second by bringing in Asdrubal Cabreara and Neil Walker. These guys are professionals. Reliable steady bats and gloves to support the pitching staff with solid middle infield defense. They re-signed Bartolo Colon…a great move. He’ll give them innings until Wheeler gets back, and then long relief as seen by his outstanding performance in the post season.

Is it obvious that the MET pitching staff is off the charts. They needed a bit of help at the reliever spot and they signed Antonio Bastardo from the Pirates giving them another reliable professional. With the anticipated return of Blevins and Edgin, the MET bullpen is looking fairly solid and deep. Let us not forget Familia and his awesome 2015 season.

And so looking towards the 2016 season I think of the immortal words of Casey Shakespeare who said, “And enterprises of great pitch and moment, with this regard their currents turn awry…but that ain’t gonna’ happen this year…’cuz the METS be flyin’ high!



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