Hard to believe but it’s already December…another year has blown by in the wink of an eye. The vegetable garden is still producing a trickle of items even now. But soon the harvest will be finished and we’ll wait till spring to crank it up again. Two weeks ago we got our first batch of sweet potatoes. They have been delicious.  I barbecued, pan fried and baked them.  And I guess by now everyone knows how great they are for you!

sweet pota


Last week we picked these nice aromatic herbs, ready for winter drying.

trimmed onion grassrosemary

Onion grass                             Rosemary


Parsley                                          Greek Oregano

We also spent some time adding ground leaves from our yard to the asparagus bed.


The leaves will slowly break down and add nutrients to the soil to keep the asparagus happy when the growing season begins anew. We also got some swiss chard and some kale.

swiss chard  ragged leaf kale

dinosaur kale

The garlic that we put in the ground in early October is now about 6 inches high.

young garlic

This week I’ll add some mulch to the area. We always try to plant in long rows whenever possible with about 10 inches between the rows so we can get in there with a tool and keep the weeds to a minimum. Once the plants get tall enough we mulch the areas with a good organic compost. The garlic will grow very slowly all winter in the cold and then will pick up a head of steam in the spring. This variety is called early Italian. We usually harvest the first week of July.

We also have a crop of beets still in the ground. They weren’t quite ready last week. Hopefully they’ll be ready to go next week.

late beets

We are cleaning and storing the equipment and replacing broken pots and hoses.

Time to close it all down for a long winter’s nap.

See you in the springtime!



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