It’s October 29th and the NY METS are in the World Series.

Mets logo

Not only in the World Series but they are down 2 games to none.  MET fans are understandably concerned. To put a positive spin on things, the ’86 World Champion METS were down 2 to none heading to Boston and we know how that ended up. Having said that, past history in sports is a fun conversation angle but definitely has nothing to do with present day realities. Lenny Dykstra won’t be suiting up for this World Series, nor will Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Doc Gooden, Darryl Strawberry or Ray Knight.  HernandezDykstra Gooden

But we will be watching the most amazing Daniel Murphy. The electric Yoenis Cespedes and the dynamic arms of Harvey , DeGrom and Familia.

Murphy2015  Cespedes

Honestly I am impressed with the way the Kansas City lineup has handled the METpitching. Really wasn’t expectING that. They are a good lineup top to bottom but so were the Cubs and the MET pitching handled them.

The MET bats haven’t done much to help the situation.  Where oh where have you been David Wright?  Lucas Duda? Travis D’Arnaud?

In the final analysis I think the MET’s World Series outcome will come down to a single concept. Are they TOUGH ENOUGH? I’m usually never at a loss for words but I have to admit that I have no idea. They have been so dominant through the end of the regular season into their playoff run, there hasn’t been all that much to be tough about. Can these predominantly young players summon up the energy and persistence to prevail? They need to win 4 or the next five…a tall order against a very good team. Can they do it? Maybe. Maybe not. That’s why they PLAY the games.


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  2. Joanne F says:

    Agree on all. I thought the errors made in the first game would be cured by the second, but then the second game showed other problems: Why couldn’t they hit Cueto’s pitches? Why couldn’t they catch grounders? I also think deGrom, who did exceptionally well in the first four innings, lost focus in the 5th and something got to him.

    All we can do is look forward. Being on home turf should make the psychology better for the team (let’s admit it, that KC stadium is huge and it was LOUD; it really counts). And you correctly state that while the ’86 team started out the same way, this is NOT the ’86 team. But even if this isn’t a repeat of ’86 (perish the thought), look at what this young team has accomplished this year. They’ve got a lot of years ahead of them! To quote (and modify) my theme song at the time I was graduating law school: The Mets’ future’s so bright, ya gotta wear shades…

    Let’s Go Mets!!!

  3. joeref says:

    There’s only one thing any of us can say…LET’S GO METS !

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