The METS are amazing again thanks to a few simple yet momentous moves made this summer. Here were Mike Francesca’s pre trade deadline remarks to which I subscribed with gusto (but never really thought the Wilponzies would follow through on)

Mets logo

1-Platoon Duda and Cuddyer at first. Duda is now hurt but Cuddyer has had a rebirth of sorts and his platoon with Murphy at first has been successful. Hopefully Duda returns for the playoff push at some point soon.


2-Go get a slugging outfielder and put him in left (or in right and put Granderson in left). Enter Cespedes who has become the best position player on the team in the short time he’s been here. Thank you Sandy Alderson!


3-Put Murphy at third (if he can stay healthy long enough) Along came Juan Uribe who has done a fine job platooning at third with Murphy. Now that the Captain David Wright has returned, and has looked pretty good at that, things are OK at third.

David Wright

4-Put Tejada at short. He’s there mix and match with Flores.

5-Put Flores at second. He’s been in a platoon with Kelly Johnson and once again all is well in the infield.

During the last month The METS have gone from a team with little in the way of major league starters and a disgraceful bench to one of the deeper teams in the league. They have options at many positions that were nowhere to be found just a few short weeks ago.

Their acquisition of Tyler Clippard hasn’t hurt either.  he has been a great setup man for Familia and even closed a game or two.

So are The Mets rolling towards a division title or is this another in a series of cruel heat mirages that seem to roll through Flushing this time of year?   Only time will tell but I have to admit I’m having more fun watching this team than just about any other since the 80’s. I’m even watching the games on TV in the evenings….something I really haven’t done in many years. Hey and why not? They are FUN to watch as they bash their way through the schedule like a battering ram. After a hiccup against the Pirates, what the Mets have done to the Rockies and the Phillies the last week or so has been nothing short of dominant. They have demonstrated an ability to comeback from nearly any deficit with home run power and clutch hitting. The pitching has continued to be solid but I doubt ANYONE thought the Mets lineup, even with the trade deadline additions, would create statistics like these. They are producing runs at an historic rate!  As of today the Mets are leading the East by 6.5 games with a limping Nats team trailing along. I predicted an 86 win season. If things continue along the way they have a 90+ win season is certainly possible… and within reach.

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  1. Joanne F says:

    I don’t know too much about those musical chair positions you discuss, but I can say from my vantage point that they have been a BLAST to watch! I finally got to CitiField for a game against the Rockies, and absolutely loved the stadium and all it has to offer. I found it to be warm and loving. The following week I saw a game at Yankee Stadium and found it to be much colder and a tougher crowd. I have tix to see the last home game v. the Nats. OMG, it should be a lot of fun!

    This Long Island girl has been searching for teams to love since I’ve returned. My family are Jets fans, which I’ve had a tough time with while Rex Ryan was coach. Now that he’s gone, I’ll happily wear green and white (which are my Brentwood school colors from childhood, ironically). As for baseball, now that I’ve experienced both teams, I will also happily wear orange and blue — which are my Gators colors, too.

    I’ve declared — or should I say re-declared? — my allegiance. Let’s Go Mets!

  2. joeref says:

    It’s been a fun summer so far! Hopefully they will position thmselves for a deep playoff run. Wouldn’t that be something different for a change!

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