Summer Vegetables 2015

Wow! Where did the spring go?! And now the summer is cruising along…July a memory and a warm August upon us.  We had a nice garlic crop which we picked the first week of July. They’ve had a few wee

IGarlic 2   Garlic-2015

The tomatoes are in full swing and we are picking about 20 per week. We are growing Yellow Mama, San Marzano and Big Red Mama.

Tomatoes & Peppers-2015

At this time of year the peppers are also arriving. Our plants are full of California Wonder, Lime Peppers and a few Yellow/Red varieties. Peppers are easy to grow and extremely resistant to disease and insects. Give them a bit of space and full sun. Water them liberally at least every other day, and every day if the temps rise over 85F. They begin producing slowly in August but by end of month we are inundated.  We slice them up and freeze what we can’t eat.

And basil completes the scene.  We are growing it in our home and also at the farm. In both places the plants are nearly three feet high!


The eggplants are also on their way and by end of month there should be a good harvest. We are growing them in pots on our deck. The deck heats up in the hot sun which keeps the roots of the plants warm all evening. The small black mites that plague the eggplants at the farm plot are not present here in my yard. That’s a major plus too!

Eggplant 2  Eggplant 1

Next up…the late zuchinni, sweet potatoes and more lettuce!

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