Talking About The METS Makes Me Tired…

I am so TIRED of talking about what the METS could do…should do…won’t do…have to do…do do do do do do…ehhhh I’m sick of it. Year after year…the same BS.  This year the MEts seemed to have an outside shot at a wildcard playoff run.  Then in typical Mets style, a Flushing curse of huge magnitude descended upon them with swift and dire consequences.  Wheeler…out for the year.  Parnell not ready until recently…Wright…out indefinitely…Murphy in and out…Cuddyer bangs up his knee…Edgerin out indefinitely…Vic Black out indefinitely…travis D’Arnaud out indefinitely a second time!

I get it.  Injuries are part of the game but are The Mets playing football or baseball?

Mets logo

I was listening to Mike Francesca. He being the well known WFAN afternoon host and Yankee fan. He has had his moments with the METS for sure but in a recent discussion of the many woes out in Flushing, Mr. Rant and Rave laid out the simplest and most perfect plan for the Mets to make a run in 2015 and bolster the team for future years.

1-Platoon Duda and Cuddyer at first. They are both stinking it up this year.  Let he with the least stink have the job the rest of the year.


2-Go get a slugging outfielder and put him in left (or in right and put Granderson in left)

3-Put Murphy at third (if he can stay healthy long enough)


4-Put Tejada at short.

5-Put Flores at second.

Wilmer Florees

So simple it seems almost impossible but is it? There are going to be plenty of bats available as teams begin to fall out of contention. The problem that the Willnots, uhh I mean the Wilponzies, I mean the Wilpons WILL NOT pull the trigger on a deal that would give the team a chance to contend THIS YEAR because they won’t, don’t, can’t spend the money needed to make this happen. And so we are once again looking at next year. I’m tired of looking at next year. If these were the Yankees we were talking about Gee would have been traded, Niese would have been traded and a bat would have already been signed. I’m not asking for miracles. Just get a couple of MAJOR LEAGUE players on the roster. This ragtag bunch of Double A guys is a joke of an offensive lineup. Everyone knows it from Alderson down to Terry Collins down to the bat boy. Look at the numbers.I’m too tired to talk it anymore. The numbers are a disgrace. They are averaging 1.3 runs per game or some ridiculous thing like that. And don’t tell me they are still in the race, just a few games back. The Nationals are poised to make a run and when they do the 2015 Mets will be just another after thought.  I’m sick of this crap. If my kids hadn’t given me Mets tickets for Father’s Day, it would have been another season of me staying away. But I will enjoy my time at Citifield. The bats may be cold as ice but at least so is the beer.

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