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Trump Can’t Be Serious…Can He?

Let me say right upfront…out loud and with no pretense. I don’t particularly like Donald Trump. Never have. I find him to be a rather pompous, self serving, oft times ridiculous caricature of a capitalist blowhard doing whatever it takes … Continue reading

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When I first started writing this blog I was more inclined to discuss heated political and social issues. Seems like as a nation we’ve become so polarized, so divided, so nasty  (for lack of a better word) that I’ve tended … Continue reading

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Talking About The METS Makes Me Tired…

Talking About The METS Makes Me Tired….

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Talking About The METS Makes Me Tired…

I am so TIRED of talking about what the METS could do…should do…won’t do…have to do…do do do do do do…ehhhh I’m sick of it. Year after year…the same BS.  This year the MEts seemed to have an outside shot … Continue reading

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