NEW YORK METS REPORT – A June Swoon or a Hot Summer Season…?

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I predicted the New York Mets would win 86 games this year. That’s 10 games over the elusive .500 mark. I thought that might be realistic considering the great pitching and the improved lineup. So far I’ve seen an epic winning streak and a few nasty slumps here and there.  Maybe 86 wins was a bit optimistic but maybe not. 86 wind would probably put a smile on Sandy Alderson’s face but I think they team needs to find a more consistent groove if they expect to reach that level.


Of course no one can ever accurately account for the injury bug. The 2015 version of the DL mosquito has bitten this team in a major way this year.

Wheeler gone for the year.

Zach Wheeler

Still waiting on Parnell.


Black and Edgerin in limbo.

Dillon Gee has missed time.

David Wright

David Wright out indefinitely with an assortment of weird ailments.

Dilson Herrera comes up and promptly hurts himself.

And it hasn’t been all injuries. When the pitching is great they don’t hit.And when they hit the bullpen blows leads and games. And as much as I like Terry Collins, he continues to make more than his share of head scratching moves.

Wilmer Florees

And what’s the deal at shortstop? Sure Mr. Flores whacks the ball pretty darn good but can you catch a ground ball and make a good throw to first? Eeeeeesh. With this pitching staff the Mets need quality middle infielders. Maybe someday that will happen. I guess the ultimate plan was Herrera at second and Flores at short. Who knows if that’s the answer or not. I like Murphy but his glove just ain’t gonna cut it.  I still think they should have brought in a major league shortstop.  And just this week Reuben (what position do I play?) Tejada became the third baseman in David Wright’s absence.  REALLY?  When you think about it what else can they do?  The Eric Campbell experiment has proven to be a flop.

I have a feeling as the season wears on this team will find a way to hang around (which is a whole lot more than they’ve been giving us in recent years)  but I’d be surprised if they make the playoffs, and if they do, I can’t see them getting too deep into serious October baseball what with pitchers held to pitch counts, a questionable defense in the infield and erratic offensive performances..

Of course I’ve been wrong before and I hope I’m wrong again.

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3 Responses to NEW YORK METS REPORT – A June Swoon or a Hot Summer Season…?

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  2. Lou says:

    I’m hoping you’re wrong…I have them at 90 wins and the second wild card spot. They probably won’t go deep in the playoffs, but I’ll be happy if they make it. They will probably trade Colon and/or Murphy at the deadline to bring up Matz and get a bat.

    • joeref says:

      I don’t think they’ll trade Colon but I can see Murphy going to an AL team. I hope I’m wrong too but they are very very inconsistent offensively and the pitching can only do so much.

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