Can Awesome Pitching Carry Mets to the Promised Land?

Mets logoAlderson

People have been screaming about Sandy Alderson‘s relative inactivity the last couple of seasons.  It’s been blamed on the Madoff scandal…it’s been blamed on ownership’s reluctance to sign big deals after the Jason Bay fiasco…it’s been blamed on the economy…why then is this man smiling?

P I T C H I N G.  Awesome PITCHING.

Last week Mike Francesa stated on WFAN  (I’m paraphrasing here) the NY METS have an awesome pitching staff top to bottom, and it may be the best in all of baseball.  I think I agree.  I have to admit that I am one of those fans who has been begging Mr. Alderson to sign a professional bat,  or two, to bolster the Mets offensive attack.  But I will also be the first to admit he has done a wonderful job creating a situation with the team’s pitching that is rapidly becoming an embarrassment of riches.  The starting five is solid all the way around. Harvey, Wheeler, deGrom, Niese and Colon.  Wow.  Not to mention Dillion Gee, with Syndergaard and Montero in the minors just waiting to join the bandwagon.  Obviously someone is going to be traded and someone is headed to the pen as the long relief man. maybe a professional shortstop is in the offing?

Matt HarveyZach Wheeler

DeGromJon Niese


and speaking of relief, the METS are so deep on the back end they could truly be a scary playoff contender.



Vic Black Parnell

and a healthy Parnell returns to close.  maybe not this year,  but this could be the makings of a perennial contender.  And that makes this guy happy too


Leftfielder Michael Cuddyer ha expressed his opinion that with a healthy David Wright,  Granderson in right and an improving D’Arnaud behind the plate,  these METS could be the start of something special in New York.

Yes…there just might be a Santa Claus in Flushing.

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