I’m Calling It The STUPID BOWL

In the interests of beating a dead horse into a nice equestrian filet, and even though every conceivable pundit, prognosticator and sports talk expert has already flogged this topic into utter submission,  I simply can’t let it go without a few thoughts and words of my own.

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Let me say right at the start, as many of you are aware,  that I am a longtime NY JET season ticket holder. Being in the same division with The New England Patriots puts me at odds with them anyway,  but their continued dominance of said division,  and their underhanded methods only serve to heighten my negative feelings about them.

Basically I despise them.

As such I have nothing but distaste for their classless grunting lowlife of a coach, one Bill Belicheat and his band of  Merry Tricksters. He may be a great coach,  but as a human being he leaves much to be desired.

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I find them to be representative of everything that’s wrong with sports these days.  Win at all costs, regardless of questionable, sneaky tactics that in many cases violate the spirit of fair competition..  They have a coach and star quarterback who are utterly graceless in defeat. Anyone remember their troll of a coach refusing to shake hands with Eric Mangini after a loss to the Jets?  And their owner? He is a classic example of the phrase “conflict of interest” with his chummy relationship with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Goodell has had his own share of problems this year but this relationship is rather absurd and just one more blot on Goodell’s record of questionable leadership.

According to an article by Cork Gaines on the BUSINESS INSIDER, February 3, 2015, In a recent story for GQ magazine, titled “The Season from Hell: Inside Roger Goodell’s Ruthless Football Machine,” Gabriel Sherman outlines just how close Goodell and Kraft have been and how it was Kraft that backed Goodell during the uproar over how the league handled the Ray Rice domestic assault scandal.  According to the story, when the Rice case began to spin out of control, it was Kraft who arranged for Goodell to do his first on-air interview, on CBS with a woman as the interviewer. It was also Kraft who lobbied other owners to publicly support Goodell.  Goodell and Kraft were so close, at least one NFL executive refers to Kraft as “the assistant commissioner.” Kraft was also the owner who “vigorously defended” Goodell’s $44 million salary.The relationship between Kraft and Goodell was further cemented in the public eye when the two were photographed together at a party just days prior to the AFC Championship game. This led Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks to speculate that the league won’t punish the Patriots over Deflategate because of the conflict-of-interest.

But enough about the Patriots.  If millions upon millions of advertising dollars weren’t riding on THE STUPID BOWL, we wouldn’t still be waiting for a conclusion to DEFLATEGATE.  Now that the game is over,  Goodell can sweep this under the rug and say no one ever told him about it.

On the other side of the ball we have The Seattle Seahawks and their budding dynasty…NOT.   They were quite fortunate to even be in this game thanks to a series of almost impossible events in the waning moments of the NFC Championship game. Simply put the Green Bay Packers snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  It was an epic and truly astounding collapse of monumental proportions. It was right up there with the 86 Boston Red Sox.

So now these two talent, powerful yet tainted winning teams come to the big game, with lots of controversy. After three and a half quarters packed with some truly great football by both sides, as the cliche goes they saved their best, last heroic moments for the end.

The unstoppable Tom Brady made the Legion of Boom look more like the boom boom line at a local burlesque joint. Brady systematically carved up the Hawks vaunted secondary culminating with Julian Edelman’s 3 yard TD catch with just 2:02 remaining.  The Patriots found themselves up 28-24 after trailing most of the second half.

So here was Seattle with the ball beginning what will be remembered as one the greatest drives in Super Bowl history, until it wasn’t.  Russell Wilson hit Marshawn Lynch for 31 yards on a swooping sideline pass play.  Then Jermain Kearse made what may have been the single most incredible catch in Super Bowl history (move over Santonio Holmes and David Tyree)  The Seahawks were sitting at the 5 yard line with about half a minute to go. They handed the ball to Lynch, in full beast mode as he carried 3 Patriot defenders to the 1 yard line.

And here my friends is where I decided this would forever be known to me as THE STUPID BOWL. I understand this game was a classic.  I understand this game was chock full of excitement and amazing plays.  I understand it was great entertainment for the millions who never watch an NFL game until the season is over. I get all that. But it ended on one of THE most absurd…ridiculous…over thought… nonsensical… STUPID play calls in the history of the sport,  and maybe of all sports.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 5.22.44 PM

I like Pete Carroll.  I really do.  I had wished that Leon Hess had given him more of a chance back in the day when he was the HC of the NYJ.  It wasn’t to be. Dan Marino made rookie Aaron Glenn look silly and that was that. Having said that,  what the hell was he thinking about on that last play call?  I listened to Mike Francesa go apoplectic on his show for over an hour whilst discussing the end game sequence. And I agreed with everything he said!  Pete Carroll is most certainly not a stupid man.  But the play call was absolutely WRONG WRONG WRONG!  Coach Carroll explained after the game that the idea was  to catch the Pats defense off guard with a quick pass in the obvious running situation.  OK…then why in the world would you come out in a shotgun formation telling everyone on both sidelines, everyone in the stadium and the millions of people watching the world over that you are about to pass??!?! If they had lined up in a jumbo set and then threw a quick fade to the back of the end zone, they might have possibly fooled someone.  And if that pass fell incomplete,  the clock would have stopped and they would still have two chances to gain the winning yard with a Lynch run.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 5.26.29 PM


No sorry.  We’ll throw it in a sitution where Marshawn Lynch could have, and should have won the Super, I mean STUPID BOWL.

So a rookie DB…who probably would have been trampled by the beast that is Marshawn Lynch,  makes a last second interception on a play that should have never happened in the first place.  A tight quick slant over the middle?!?!?! STUPID STUPID STUPID.

Getting back to my hatred of all things Belicheat,  did we really need to hand him yet another Super Bowl victory they should never have won?  Uggghhhh

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