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Can Awesome Pitching Carry Mets to the Promised Land?

People have been screaming about Sandy Alderson‘s relative inactivity the last couple of seasons.  It’s been blamed on the Madoff scandal…it’s been blamed on ownership’s reluctance to sign big deals after the Jason Bay fiasco…it’s been blamed on the economy…why … Continue reading

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Meet the New Boss..Same as the Old Boss?

It’s exquisite suffering being a JETS fan…they being the New York Jets Football Club…a team that represents New York and plays and trains somewhere out the swamps of New Jersey. Back in 1967 I remember watching Joe Namath dismantle their … Continue reading

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I’m Calling It The STUPID BOWL

In the interests of beating a dead horse into a nice equestrian filet, and even though every conceivable pundit, prognosticator and sports talk expert has already flogged this topic into utter submission,  I simply can’t let it go without a … Continue reading

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ISIS’ Latest Atrocity Turning off Potential Terrorists?

Earlier today,  Islamic militants, or more accurately, Islamic terrorists, those whom we call ISIS, outdid themselves with an incredible act of  barbaric cruelty and senseless inhumanity.  The captured Jordanian pilot, Muath al-Kaseasbeh,  was shown in a video being burned alive, … Continue reading

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