Dysfunctional Jets Need a QB Again


Just when it couldn’t get any more ridiculous,  the NY JETS have found a plethora of ways to infuriate the fans, mystify the media and completely amaze and confound onlookers from around the league.


Where do I even begin with this morass of craziness?




First we took a developing QB who was on his way and treated him to a lack of offensive weapons.  Then we brought in another marquee QB to “back him up”  when all along it was obvious the intent was to compete with him and hopefully “push” him along. I’m not talking about Geno Smith and Michael Vick.  I’m talking about Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. So Sanchez is unceremoniously sent packing and through the typical NFL injury scenario he becomes the starter in Philly for the Eagles.  He plays just well enough to keep the Birds in contention.  I for one, am rooting for him.  Tebow is out of the league and doing color commentary on football telecasts.


Fast forward to this year’s continuing Geno Smith experiment.In the game against the Dolphins just played, Smith starts ostensibly to find out if he can be the leader of the future. I think we were all assuming he gets a 5 game “audition” if you will to see if he can actually do his thing in the NFL.  So what do the JETS do?  They run the ball 49 times,  and though the numbers are impressive, they lose once again.  Since the run game was so impressive wouldn’t it be a no-brainer that they mix in some play action and a few screens. Nope. So what exactly was the point?  They could have had Matt Simms handoff just as well as Geno Smith. Ahhh the absurdity of the NY Jets.




At this point I am convinced it’s a failure and the JETS need to seriously address the situation and decide where they are going. Smith might be an OK backup and who knows…some team might even want to continue to make him a starter in this league, but I just don’t see it.  I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again but that’s how I see it in December 2014. I am focused on the QB of the future and I think his name is Marcus Mariota.  Who?  The 6-4 219 pound Oregon signal caller seems to have all the physical and mental traits to succeed in the very tough NFL. His stats are so gaudy they seem fake. In three seasons totalling 38 game,  he has thrown 99 touchdowns and 12 interceptions for for nearly 10,000 yards and a 67% completion percentage. During this same time he has rushed for over 2100 yards!  Oregon Football at goducks.com described him thusly, The most prolific quarterback in school history has led Oregon to more wins (33) than any of his contemporaries in less than three seasons while holding no fewer than seven of the program’s season and career passing pinnacles, and eclipsing conference standards . . . Has accounted for a minimum of three touchdowns in 10 of 11 games and four scores eight times”


This guy can play and I believe that the JETS are a competent QB away from returning to the playoffs.  They have a few holes that need to be addressed.  Their defensive backfield is a mess and the offensive line needs quality depth.


Unfortunately the NFL is not a very forgiving environment.  Rex Ryan and his staff will most likely be gone after this disaster of a season but whomever takes over will have NO CHANCE of success unless they have the right QB to groom.  As far as I’m concerned that QB is Mariota.


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