Freefalling Jets Look to the Future…Again

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re a long time JET fan like myself,  you’re probably used to the scenario by now.  Promising collection of players being lead by a newbie QB who can’t seem to get it together fat enough to placate the fans, the media, et al.  It begins to get pretty darn old.







Rex Ryan‘s first 2 seasons were filled with crazy scenarios and unlikely success.  They were also filled with hope that a long awaited championship was on the horizon.  His brash pronouncements and uber confidence were a refreshing and welcome change to a team culture that had a long list of lamentable losses.  Even the high and mighty Bill Parcells couldn’t finish the job he started, though I thank him for changing the team culture at a time when losing was expected.




An inside view of MetLife Stadium during the f...

An inside view of MetLife Stadium during the first-ever preseason matchup between the Giants and Jets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: An image of Rex Ryan during his tenur...

English: An image of Rex Ryan during his tenure as Baltimore Ravens coach, head and shoulders only for the infobox, cropped from the original using Paint.NET v3.5.5 by Jeff G. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But with some success,  even in limited doses, comes change.  Change in perception, change in results change in attitudes.  Losing is no longer accepted as it once was.  And with that change in attitude comes a stress level amongst the fan base that gets ever intense with each failing. Did anyone expect the Jets to win a championship this year.  I think not.  Did the fans think the Jets could win 9 or 10 games if the offense gave a respectable showing? I think so.  Did anyone see a disastrous 1-6 free fall season on the horizon?  Probably not.




So where do they go from here? Not many options at this point for sure. It has become an “evaluate the QB” season.  Win what games that you can but put Geno Smith under the microscope and find out if he can be the man going forward. If he doesn’t show significant improvement over the next 9 games go out and either draft or sign another QB who can be proficient in the NFL passing game.



The next Idzik draft will make or break his GM career in New York.  This year’s draft class was a huge underwhelming disappointment.  He needs to do better if he expects to start the Jets next ascension.  The fans and the media won’t be too thrilled if he fails.



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