Growing Vegetables-Spring 2014-Part 4

It’s been a rainy cold spring so far…good for something I guess but definitely slowing down the growing process at our farm plot!  It’s also getting in the way of some of the hardening process back at the house.

English: onion

English: onion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




The lettuce, broccoli rabe, garlic and onions seem to be moving along.  Everything else is taking it’s sweet time.  We’ve had just enough sun and just enough so-so days that things are growing but very slowly.

We did get our first batch of asparagus this week. After all the hard work with the bed and the planting, mulching and organic material,   that was pretty exciting!  There are quite a few new spears coming up as well so hopefully this will be a great year and they will continue to produce into the fall season. The broccoli rabe we picked tasted pretty good and we also got some onion grass and ruby red lettuce.  This week the Long Island weather forecast calls for several days in the 70’s so I’m expecting things to really get rolling.  The beets and potatoes are just starting to show signs.

Rapini and Preserved Vegetable

Rapini and Preserved Vegetable (Photo credit: Laurel F





In the house we’ve been working on the bok choy, bell peppers and 3 different kinds of tomatoes.  I have a small portable greenhouse that we use to get the seeds started.  They are now about 5-6 inches tall.  Each day for the last 2 weeks I’ve been placing the trays of plants out back so they are exposed to the weather outside to get them “hardened”.  It’s been a bit of a chore this season because I didn’t want to shock the plants by exposing them to too much cold raw weather…it’s been windy too…which could damage the young plants.  They should be ready to go into the ground last week of May when any possible chance of frost will be gone from this area. These plants aren’t too thrilled with cold weather and frost is a definite no-no.

During the past two weeks we’ve put in quite a few hours at the farm plot rebuilding the blueberry cage that was damaged during this rough winter we had.  Also replaced the fence around the plot and did some work bringing in fresh manure and mulch. Didn’t want too many of our furry friends to be feasting on our lettuce !


More after the tomatoes are in!



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