Onions and Potatoes-Spring 2014-Part 3


Two colors of onions

Two colors of onions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I put in 150 onions…75 red and 75 yellow.  What I did was make 5 rows with about 7 inches between them.  I dug out trenches about 5 inches deep and used the soil to build up the rows.




I prepared the soil with several hand fulls of organic fertilizer,  the major ingredient being bone meal. As I stated in an earlier post,  I use the product VEGETABLES ALIVE that can be purchased from GARDENS ALIVE.  www.gardensalive.com    I’ve used their products for several years.  I like the price and I like the results!


Red onion slices

Red onion slices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I then packed the soil into a triangular shape and placed the onion bulbs down into the highest point in the mound so they are covered but the tiny points are sticking out,  or very close to sticking out.  This works well because the water drains off and settles into the trench to either side of the plants.  Onions like water but too much standing water and they can start to rot. Last year we got about 45 onions.  Hoping that these improved techniques I researched will result in double that amount this season.

This afternoon I put in 8 red potato starters.  We tried potatoes last season for the first time and even though we had no idea what we were doing we got about 30 tasty little Yukon Golds.  This year trying small red potatoes.  Spoke to some gardeners and did a little checking on the internet to find out the best way to do potatoes.  First I dug two trenches 12 inches deep and about 4-5 feet long.  I then put several hand fulls of my organic fertilizer along the bottom of the trench.  I placed four starters into each trench about a foot apart.  I gently wedged them into the soil and then covered the trench with about 4 inches of peat moss.  We are expecting some rain in the next 24 hours so everything should get a nice watering.


English: Different potato varieties. – The pot...

English: Different potato varieties. – The potato is the vegetable of choice in the United States. On average, Americans devour about 65 kg of them per year. New potato releases by ARS scientists give us even more choices of potatoes to eat. Deutsch: Verschiedene Kartoffelsorten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



As the potatoes grow up and out of the trench,  you continue to cover them with the peat moss.  This make it easy to pick the potatoes which grow under ground.  They’ll be growing in the nice soft peat,  which makes it really easy to find and pick them.

Next up this weekend,  beets, swiss chard, snow peas, radishes and bok choy.









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