I’m sure the vast majority of New York basketball fans thought the Knicks would find



English: Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Ama...

English: Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Amar’e Stoudemire, Shawne Williams of the New York Knicks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


themselves jockeying for playoff position in the miserable eastern conference this season.  Then with a Herculean effort by the likes of Carmelo, Amare and Tyson they would be eliminated in the second round.  Not exactly the perfect scenario after enduring 40+ years without a championship.  But when compared with the reality of this year’s abysmal Knick performance, I’m quite certain most fans would have signed for the former outcome.

Basically the New York Knicks are a pathetic collection of under achieving over paid and in some cases “over the hill” NBA players being coached by a nice guy who is a rather ordinary court general.  As they say…everything could go wrong has gone wrong in the Land of Dolan.


1-Carmelo Anthony…the only player on the team with any credibility…is being beaten into submission by the immense minutes he is playing and the by the ridiculous lack of defense his teammates has displayed. He scores 40…they gave up 50 while he’s on the court.  It is truly embarrassing to see the same mental and physical errors night after awful night.

Carmelo Anthony scores another 3 pointer

Carmelo Anthony scores another 3 pointer (Photo credit: Sum_of_Marc)


2-Where is the point guard?  Prigioni has played admirably in the face of the constant defensive breakdowns but he cannot guard the league’s premier speedy point men.


Raymond Felton of the Knicks with Coach Mike D...

Raymond Felton of the Knicks with Coach Mike D’Antoni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Raymond Felton? Not much better.  Too slow..too erratic and now too stupid.  His gum escapade is just one more absurdity in what looked like it could be  a fun season a few short months back.  JR Smith?  hahahahahahaha…this guy is the biggest joke on a team that has become a bad joke.  One night he scores 30.  The next two nights he scores zippo.  One night he defends like Walt “Clyde” Frazier and the next night he disappears into the ozone that has become the Knicks.


3-What’s the deal with Stoudemire? He reminds of the song by The Clash…should he stay or should he go?  His contaract dictates that the Knicks are stuck with him.  That being the case I think they should play him hard and often.  What difference does it make? His play might make someone actually want him.  He was a great Knick in the beginning of his tenure here but the chemistry between him and Anthony,  and him and Chandler just never came together.  What looked like it might be an imposing front line has been decimated by injuries, age and losing.


4-Why was Glen Grunwald removed as Knick’s GM?  I guess he was doing too good a job to keep his job. This is another in a series of absurd moves made by Jim Dolan.  It smacks of the Isaiah Thomas lunacy for 10 years ago.


5-No team in the NBA ha had sustained success with one star player surrounded by a cast of supporting characters. Not one.  The good teams…those with periods of continued success always had at least two great players on the roster. Let’s examine this.  Jordan had Pippen, Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman.  Isaiah Thomas had Joe Dumars, Dennis Rodman and  Bill Laimbeer.  Kobe and Shaq were a nice twosome as were Garnett and Pierce in Boston. Look at what the Spurs have done with Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.  The Knicks surrounded Patrick Ewing with some nice role players but never another star and as such they never won a championship though they were a force in the playoffs for many years.  Too bad Ewing never got to play with a young healthy Bernard King.


6-So where is this going?  There are two very clear, yet very different paths the Knicks can take.  Keep Carmelo, Hardaway, Shumpert, Chandler and Stoudemire and get rid of EVERYONE ELSE then try and find that second complimentary player…a Chris Paul..a Rajon Rondo….or….let Carmelo go and break the whole thing down and start again.


Interesting article on http://www.bleacher report.com yesterday written by John Dorn, entitled, “Why Would Carmelo Anthony Want to Re-Sign with The New York Knicks?  Good question John.


The New York Knicks don’t deserve Carmelo Anthony. They’ve proved it all season long, beginning with a boneheaded front-office shakeup and most recently with a 15-game stretch that’s included 13 losses. But when Anthony opts out of his contract this summer and becomes an unrestricted free agent, will he truly consider re-upping with the team that’s gone 125-112 since the trade with Denver? If ‘Melo is truly determined to win a championship, there’s not much to leave the Knicks optimistic heading into negotiations. New York can offer Anthony $30 million more than any other team, though, and the Manhattan glamour surely factors into the equation as well.


I think Mr. Dorn’s article nails it. The Knicks have NOTHING going.  If Carmelo does stay,  it will only be with the urgent assurances of management that they will break down the mess and go out and bring back that second star to compliment him.  The management of the Knicks has been an amazing melange of wacky moves, bad deals and shakeups that make NO SENSE.  They should have listened to Donnie Walsh and waited out the Denver Nuggets. In that case they could have kept their nucleus of talented young players to put around Carmelo rather than gutting the team.  Once again a man of great basketball smarts and experience was over ruled by a silly move by management.


I am a Carmelo Anthony fan.  He is a hard worker…a guy who really seems like he is on a mission to bring NY a championship after all these years…but the Knicks need to get him the help he needs and VERY QUICKLY.  The clock is ticking.  Anthony is not getting any younger and the Knicks are a BAD TEAM.  Can they turn this mess around in short order?  It seemed like they were on their way to doing just that when…BAM…this dismal season rolled into town.


As of today…March 4th…the record stands at a pathetic 21-40.  Playoffs?  I think not.





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