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If the BEES Go… We ALL Follow

I’ve been studying this rather scary and intimidating ecological dilemma for a few years now.  From time to time the story has popped up in the newspaper, magazines, on TV documentaries and of course on the net. I’ve always been … Continue reading

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The New York Mets are a team that has struggled mightily for the last few years trying to regain playoff contention and some semblance of respectability.  After the epic collapses in th epenant races a few years back and the … Continue reading

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THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY- The Latest Victim of Human Intervention

The January 30th edition of NEWSDAY, Long Island’s local newspaper had a small article on page A43,  on the Health & Science page. It was entitled “Fewest Monarchs in Their Winter Habitat”.  Experts say that the regal Monarch Butterfly could … Continue reading

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Marketing your business or organization in this online-connected era includes a large dose of VIDEO.  Study after study,  report after report bear this out.  Anyone who has surfed the web understands why.  If a picture is worth a thousand words,  … Continue reading

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The British Invasion…50 Years Later

I was about 11 and a half years old, living in the Long Island suburban paradise called Roslyn when four guys from someplace in England started both a musical and cultural revolution on a chilly night in February 1964. In … Continue reading

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