NEW YORK JETS End Season on a MAJOR Upswing

It’s been a wacky, crazy, exciting and extremely infuriating season for the Green and White. One minute I was trashing the offense and the next I was talking playoffs.  One minute I was thinking this defense might be the best in the league and the next I was feeling like they might get there next year.  One game Geno Smith looked like the answer.  The next game I was wondering what the question was.  One game we trash the Saints and the next we get smacked around by the Buffalo Bills.  Weird weird season. But this turned out to be a season of great growth and a hopeful outlook for the future.  There are some really good reasons for the positive feelings coming off a pretty average 8-8 campaign.


New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1-Can you say CAP SPACE!?!? It’s been estimated that through expiring contracts (Vladimar Ducasse & Konrad Reuland) , players who will most probably released (Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes) and contracts that are going to be renegotiated (Antonio Cromartie and David Harris and possibly others)  The NEW YORK JETS could find themselves 40 million dollars under the salary cap…and this at a time when a few smart moves could make them serious contenders in the AFC.

2-The NEW YORK JETS are a team on the rise.  When you consider that the experts (me included) thought it would be amazing if they won 5  or 6 games,  and then to win 8,  and conclude the season by knocking the Dolphins out of the playoffs,  it’s clear the team continues to play hard and believe in the direction they are headed.

3-Nick Folk.  Not much else to say.


4-Rex is back.  This was really a no-brainer.  Idzik gave Ryan a team that was miserable on offense,  with a rookie quarterback and not a professional receiver in sight.  Santonio Holmes did nothing…and I mean nothing.  Probable AFC Defensive Rookie of the Year Sheldon Richardson had more touchdowns than Holmes.  Are you kidding me?  And they still managed to beat the Falcons, the Saints and the Patriots and end up 8-8.  Rex did a wonderful job getting the least talented team he has ever had while in New York to play hard, tough and fast. The players love him.  The fans love him.  I believe he is the right man for the job.  There is something to be said for STABILITY at the top.   Changing regimes every 3 or 4 years ain’t gonna get it it done.  Good move keeping Rex.


5-Geno Smith might be the answer and he might not.  It’s OK.  The NEW YORK JETS don’t have all that much invested in him.  I think they will bring in a veteran and maybe draft one of these stud QB’s coming out this year.  Throw ’em in the pot and see who wins the job.  It was encouraging to see Smith playing so much better but it’s obvious that no QB could have done all that much with the lack of offensive skill players on this team.  It’s pretty amazing Geno did as much as he did.



6-THE DEFENSE.  With a tweak here or there this bunch will be a force to be reckoned with for the next few years.  Wilkerson…Richardson…Harrison…Ellis…Davis…Harris…Coples…a formidable group of young tough athletic dudes who love to play and want to win.  These guys are going to make people forget the SACK EXCHANGE and I think that day will be sooner rather than later.  I am psyched by this unit!


English: New York Jets cornerback, Antonio Cro...

English: New York Jets cornerback, Antonio Cromartie joined Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Airmen and local Air Force cadets on stage at the NFL draft April 24 in New York City. Servicemembers were recognized for their service to their country on stage throughout the three-day event. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Bryan Swink) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




The Draft.….John Idzik don’t fail me now!  The JETS have 9 draft choices in the spring…and if he gets creative maybe even more.  We need offensive line depth…offensive skill players…maybe we can grab one of those QB’s from this epic QB draft. We also need help on Special Teams…maybe a fast aggressive linebacker or corner.Free Agency…with all those greenbacks to burn hopefully we can bring in a big time receiver or tight end…maybe a kick returner…a QB eating linebacker or safety.  As they say…you got the ball John…here’s your opportunity to re-make the team into a deep, powerful force in the AFC.  2014-2015 could be a VERY INTERESTING year for the NY JETS.  This off season could put the JETS among the elite. John Idzik has done a great job as GM so far.  Let’s hope the trend continues !


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6 Responses to NEW YORK JETS End Season on a MAJOR Upswing

  1. Bill Deegan says:

    Amazing how a season that was pegged as one of doom and a projection of a fall into oblivion turned into one of sincere hope for the future. Keeping Rex sure looks like the right move. He kept the team motivated despite the mid season dip. The locker room celebration of the announcement that Rex would stay was unique and very telling of the respect the team has for him.
    Unlike the other major sports , a turn around in football can happen in one off season. The pressure now shifts from Rex to the GM. He has the resources to fill holes this year. The obvious is a retooling of the offense to give Geno the tools he needs to progress to the next level. I like the idea of bringing in a veteran back up , not another rookie, to both tutor Geno and to provide us a plan B if Geno shoud regress.
    The givens are the defense and Folks.
    The potential for a brighter 2014 is there in Jet Nation. Now all we have to do is get through the local basketball, hockey and baseball season…oy !

    • joeref says:

      Hey Bill. They have ALL the tools to make a huge jump this off season. 9 draft picks, expiring contracts, a good free agent crop, and $50 million under the cap. Hopefully John Idzik will earn his paycheck this year in a very big way. They have the beginnings of a good thing. Young upcoming defense…pretty good offensive line…decent running game. Time to get some offensive talent in here…and a complimentary defensive impact player at linebacker.

  2. Joanne F says:

    You guys are great, loyal fans, and frankly, I don’t think Rex Ryan deserves you. (The team is another story.) I would like to be excited for the Jets, as it is my family’s team, but I have to be honest: Rex Ryan sucks and should have been canned. As someone who only superficially understands football yet likes the sport very much, I may not have the insight that both of you have, but I don’t see keeping Ryan as a good thing.

    Sorry, guys, but this is what I see from my perspective: A bad win-loss record for several years, his insistence on keeping Mark Sanchez, who has been absolutely miserable, his refusal to give Tim Tebow a chance, and a Major League Manipulator who plays his fans and his team members through the media. This last aspect became clear to me after what he did to Timmy Tebow: Hired the guy for the media attention, then refused to play him, then cut him. Downright mean. Then, he pulled that stunt last week when he told the team he was going to be fired. Don’t you think that was a deliberate attempt to get the players and fans to appeal to the GM to keep him? That was classic manipulation.

    As a member of the Gator Nation, I/we haven’t forgotten what he did to Timmy, and forgiveness became even more difficult after last week’s media stunt. I haven’t worn my Jets t-shirt since the Tebow fiasco, and I promised myself I won’t wear it until Ryan is gone. I thought I might actually get to wear it next year, but with the return of Mr. Manipulator, that’s not likely.

    For the fans’ sake, I hope you’re both right and the team does better next season. We’ll see.

  3. joeref says:

    Your perception of Rex is colored by his treatment (or what you perceive to be his treatment) of Tim Tebow. It’s pretty obvious yoiu hate the Jets for that one single reason. If you check the the career stats you will find that Rex Ryan has the best win-loss regular season record, and the best postseason record,(the obvious exception of a Super Bowl win) of ANY JETS COACH in history with the exception of Bill Parcells who went 29-19 in the regular season…but he only got to one AFC Championship game and lost.

    Tim Tebow was released by the Denver Broncos even after his pseudo epic playoff run. What fans forget is that that team had a very tough defense…and actually they still do now in the Peyton Manning era. Joanne…you have verbalized your love for Mr. Tebow on several occasions. Unfortunately for you and the other legions of Gator fans he is simply not an NFL caliber QB. I’ve watched him play. His throwing motion is ehhh. His reading of NFL defenses is totally inadequate and even his vaunted running in this league is quite pedestrian. Doid the Jets do the right thing bringing him in. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Mike Tannenbaum admitted on WFAN last week that he made a mistake. He thought his low salary coupled with the departure of Brad Smith might make Tebow an option in the wildcat set. Unfortunately the struggles of Mark Sanchez precluded using the wildcat set, which with Tebow at the helm was basically a running play. You have this idea that Rex Ryan had some personal vendetta against Tebow. Silly and simply not true. The coach gets paid to win and thusly plays the people he thinks can win for him. No one EVER thought that Tebow was an option for the Jets to start at QB. If anything his arrival did nothing more than mess up Mark Sanchez already fragile confidence. The fact that Tebow was not signed to ANY team this past year says all you need to know about him. End of story.

    • Joanne F says:

      You misunderstand me. I don’t hate the Jets. Just Ryan and Sanchez. Don’t faint, but I actually cheered FOR the Jets for several years! Until the Tebow Fiasco. And yes, I adore Timmy Tebow. We Gators are like that. 🙂

      I have heard others say that TT was not the reason why Denver came around during TT’s quarterbackship (is that a word?) of the team, and everybody claims it was the D, even though it was the same D before TT got there, and they absolutely stunk before he got there. Perhaps.

      But again, I hope for you, Bill and the rest of the Jet Nation, the team does better next season. I’d like to wear my Jets t-shirt again (especially since I don’t want the family to think they wasted money buying it for me 🙂 ), but I really have problems with Ryan. You don’t think he manipulated the media with his “getting fired” stunt? And maybe that’s OK with you guys, if you can get a winning team in the upcoming seasons.

  4. joeref says:

    I think he told the truth. Word on the street was he was outta here. Thankfully the JETS made the right decision for a change!

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