Alex Rodriguez Sues Selig, The Yankees and MLB…say what!??!??!

I’ll say one thing…if this is a smoke screen to cloud the issues,  then A-ROD is wasting a whole lotta’ money on a bunch of lawyers.  MLB either has the goods or they don’t and it sure seems like they wouldn’t be following through on all of this if they didn’t have the goods. But let us assume for a moment A-Rod isn’t interested in throwing away a few million dollars for nothing.  In that case this suit could be for real,  and then all I have to say is “Wow!”


Alex Rodriguez prepares to bat in a game on Se...

Alex Rodriguez prepares to bat in a game on September 29, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Alex Rodriguez may be a lying jerk.  He may be an attention addicted public icon.  He may be a self centered “me first” kind of guy.  But make no mistake.  One thing he is definitely not is STUPID.  He knows he’s basically looking at a ban that will destroy what’s left of his career if upheld.  It’s obvious he is going the cut and slash and burn anything in his way to preserve what’s left of his baseball life as well as the unpaid millions upon millions of dollars still due him.  In a previous post I made the case that Selig’s actions are colored by the fact that he wants to cement his legacy as the guy who cleaned up the whole PED mess (which he helped create by turning a blind eye to the situation years before)  It’s pretty reprehensible what he’s trying to do now to save his own face.  Did A-Rod break the rules?  Did he try and cover it up?  Probably.  But in their attempt to drum A-Rod out of baseball I for one feel it is more than a bit draconian to basically ban him for what amounts to life.  If MLB hadn’t created this PED culture in the first place maybe we wouldn’t be sitting with this situation now.  Since Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemons and the rest of the suspected PED users are now out of the game, Selig will do anything he can to clean the stain and the asterisk off his tenure as the Commissioner…a tenure that regardless of the PED scandals,  has in my opinion been a failure in many ways.  Sure revenues are up…PED’s got the fans excited…now clean it up and hope the fans stay.  So far that strategy has worked. The fans disgusted by PED use have still flocked to the games.  How long that trend might continue no one knows.  Making Alex Rodrigues out to be the worst man the world has ever known is in my opinion silly and counterproductive.


English: Alex Rodriguez

English: Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


MLB issued this statement.  “The suit is so flawed from a legal perspective and so unfounded from a from a factual perspective it does not affect our thinking on any topic”.


A-Rod’s attorney Joe Tacopina responded in kind. “Commissioner Selig’s and MLB’s inexplicable personal animus toward Alex Rodriguez has brought them down to the level of protecting and relying primarily upon a witness under federal investigation for dealing PED’s to minors”.


Oooooooooo this is going to be good!


Has he been the victim of a relentless negative PR campaign by MLB?



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2 Responses to Alex Rodriguez Sues Selig, The Yankees and MLB…say what!??!??!

  1. Bill Deegan says:

    It will be great theatre and lets face it ARod has more cash than the US Treasury right now, for him to blow a few millions on a frivolous lawsuit is a drop in the bucket. You notice that alot of our conversations lately revolve around agendas for one side or another instead of honest negotiating?

    • joeref says:

      Hey Bill…ya got that right! No one negotiates. Everyone looks to completely crush and dominate the other side. Scary. This A-rod stuff should be great theatre for a while anyway!

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