Alex Rodriquez Battles On

It’s Day Three of the Alex Rodriguez suspension saga and there’s no clear take on who’s winning,  who’s losing and exactly how this is going to end.  Commissioner Bud Selig needs to cement his legacy as he plans to retire in the near future.  I suppose he figures crushing ballplayers who used banned substances is the best way to do just that.

English: Alex Rodriguez

English: Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I understand that A-ROD is a lying jerk.  But he’s also an incredibly gifted talent on a ball field and the Yankees and MLB had no problem when he was smacking home runs all over the place,  filling the seats with fannies and selling baseball merch at an amazing clip while Selig and the rest of the owners made believe they had no idea what was going on.  Now in an attempt to save face they are  basically trying to end Rodriguez career with a 211 game ban.  Will they succeed? Possibly.  I think there is an outside chance that the suspension will be negotiated to a lesser amount.  I think it’s a rather draconian punishment for someone who made the game exciting and profitable for a number of teams.  People think that someone like A-ROD could never produce like he did without the aid of PED’s.  I think that’s a bunch of BS. He was a great player before PED’s and I think it may have given him a boost but what percentage would that boost be?  20% 25%??  I don’t think it made a .300 hitter out of a .210 hitter.  I’m quite disappointed in all this.  I’m not a Yankee fan but I did enjoy Rodriguez feats on the field.  I’m sorry he did what he apparently did. I do understand there is an immense amount of money at stake here so that explains some of his desperate and sad attempts to cover things up to try and save his very valuable ass from the league investigators. It’s really too bad.

Where does this leave the NY Yankees?  If I were Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d have a keen eye on the proceedings seeing how a suspension could save the team many many millions of dollars that could then used to re-stock an aging organization looking for new blood. Texeira is on the downside…Jeter clearly has little quality time left..Cano may go don’t cha know…CC Sabathia is looking like a mere mortal..Mo Rivera has sailed off into the sunset and Andy Pettite is headed back to a life in Texas.  It’s not a pretty picture for Yankee fans. They can’t complain too much because the previous 15 years have been quite enjoyable.  Lots of stars winning lots of championships.

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