I said it before and I’ll say it again.  This year’s edition of NY JETS will play some rough tough defense.  Unfortunately their offense will be pretty rough as well….to watch that is.


The continuing education of Geno Smith took a nasty turn yesterday as the TENNESSEE TITANS took advantage of every rookie mistake Smith made en route to a convincing 38-13 victory in Nashville.

Geno Smith Head Shot

Geno Smith Head Shot (Photo credit: goarmyphotos)

After the game Smith accepted full responsibility for the loss.  His 2 lost fumbles and two ill advised interceptions turned into a whopping 28 Titan points. Ball security was a major issue.  Just before the half on an aaparent forst down run by Smith,  his poor handling of the ball lead to a Titan takeaway that resulted in a last second touchdown.  On another play that is destined to be remembered as the “guess which hand the ball is in play” Smith was sacked fumbled and the Titans scored another fairly easy touchdown.  But as Rex Ryan pointed out after the game,  one man didn’t lose the game.  The TITANS beat THE JETS…all of THE JETS.  Once again ridiculous frustrating penalties were a big problem for the Green and White. The running game was spotty as was the offensive line. The wide receivers just weren’t competing as hard as you’d like to see.  Geno Smith is going to make typical rookie mistakes.  That being the case the rest of th eteam, particularly the offense,  needs to step up…man up…and help the kid out. Look folks…he’s a rookie quarterback playing a very rough league known for eating rookies for lunch.  Payton and Eli Manning…Troy Aikman and Drew Brees are amongst a list of great players who were rudely welcomed to the NFL in their first year on the job.  Geno Smith is no exception.  He seems confused by secondary play and surprised by the speed of the game as opposed to what he experienced in college.  This is nothing new. Nor is it extraordinary or unusual.  Welcome to the NFL rook!  It can be tough to watch at times,  but every now and again Smith shows you why the JETS made him their 2nd round pick.This dude has a powerful arm,  can be very accurate under pressure and id one tough SOB. He was pounded yesterday…took his lickin’ and kept on tickin’. JET fans may be tired of hearing the excuses and the same old lame explanations after the games,  but I have a good feeling that this young man has the tools and ability to be a very good player once he gains that elusive experience.


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