Check my previous posts.  The NY JETS 2013 season will be a rough ride for the still coming together offense.  The Young defense on the other hand will be a thrill to watch as

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

they grow and dominate opponents.

Last night the JETS went to New England.  Since Rex Ryan has been here the JETS are 3-7 against the Patriots and no one gave them a realistic chance to do much last night.  It’s become obvious that you can’t count the JETS out this year as long their young D continues to trample running backs and collapses pockets.  Yes the JETS lost the game but the defense made Tom Brady and the Pats Offense look pretty inept.  Julian Edelman was the only reliable target Brady could find last night in a game the JETS could have,  and should have won.

Great performances last night by Damon  “Snacks” Harrison…Demario Davis…Kendrick Ellis, Antonio Allen and David Harris.  These guys are only going to get better and it gives JET fans something to cheer about while Geno Smith and his receivers learn to play catch with each other.  The JETS had 10 dropped balls last night and it seemed like even more.  Stephen Hill looks like Lynn Swann on one one play and Swan Dive on the next.  Message to JET receivers:  CATCH THE DAMN BALL.  If the offense could have made a play here,  or a play there they would have won this game. But  they didn’t and now that have plenty of time to think about what could have been.

Sorry to hear about the possible season ending surgery that may be needed on Mark Snachez’ right throwing shoulder. Unfortunate the way things go in the NFL sometimes.  It seems highly unlikely that Sanchez will every play again for The JETS.  I’m sure there are many fans who applaud that circumstance,  I find it very sad.  The kid worked hard and tried to be a leader and play like a JET.  He was the QB on 2 teams that went to the AFC Championship game.  It’s been tough to watch the downward spiral of a career that

Mark Sanchez in his New York Jets uniform.

Mark Sanchez in his New York Jets uniform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

seemed so destined with success.  The last two years it was well documented that he had become a turnover machine. Maybe Mark can resurrect his career somewhere else next year.

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