English: Running back Joe McKnight, after a fa...

English: Running back Joe McKnight, after a fall practice before the 2008 USC Trojans football season. He is making the traditional USC Trojan “V” for victory hand sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mark Sanchez With All Kinds of Time

Mark Sanchez With All Kinds of Time (Photo credit: MattBritt00)

The NY JETS 2013 season is only a few days away and the questions abound on both offense and defense. I’ve been following the Green and White since 1967 and I cannot

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

EVER remember a season with so much uncertainty at so many positions.Who’s the Quarterback?  Who’s the # 1 Running Back? Left Guard? Right Tackle? Who is returning kicks?

After Geno Smith’s rookie stinker versus the Giants it was certainly Mark Sanchez’ job to lose once again.  Then he gets hurt in the 4th quarter of a meaningless preseason contest.

English: Braylon Edwards in 2009 training camp

English: Braylon Edwards in 2009 training camp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

YIKES.  Now what?  Matt Simms played capably against some inferior competition but his performance was quite commendable.  Is he going to start?  No way in hell but when the JETS cut McElroy yesterday Simms did make the roster and rightfully so.  So what happens opening

Matt Simms

Matt Simms (Photo credit: Greece Trip Admin)

day?  I have no friggin’ idea.

The JETS acquired Mark Goodson in the off season to pump up the West Coast Offense being installed.  All he did was get arrested for drugs and guns…suspended 4 games…hey thanks dude!  Couldn’t have planned it better myself!   Joe McKnight had one of his typically weird preseasons and shockingly was cut.  Wow.  All he did was lead the league in return yardage last season.  But the guy was always out of shape…always hurt…apparently they got tired of his routine. How do they replace those return yards? Enter Chris Ivory…a punishing bruiser with some speed and moves. Is he the number one guy? He played about 30 seconds of preseason ball so who knows? He definitely looks the part but I’ll have to see him during the real action to know what we have there. NEWSDAY reported today that the JETS signed Alex Green,  who lead the Packers in rushing yardage last year…picked up off the waiver wire.  I think this was a very good move. We need some help at RB.  Hopefully Bilal Powell will shake things up.  This could be his year if he gets enough carries.

No discussion of the running game means much of anything unless we mention the offensive line, and that’s what it could be in 2013…offensive…mangold and Fergusen still solida though older.  Austin Howard at Right Tackle?  That could be BIG trouble. Vlad Ducasse at left guard?  Even BIGGER trouble.  This group will need to come together quickly if the JET offense has any prayer of being better than what they showed us last season which frankly wasn’t much.  Ryan Spadola is the next Wayne Chrebet?  I think I’ll hold my judgement on that one.  Stephen Hill makes a gigantic leap up?  Would be nice.  My advice to him is quite simple…catch the ball! Braylon Edwards gone bye bye and Santonio Holmes still not looking too healthy.   The tandem of Winslow and Cumberland will hopefully supply a steadying influence at the tight end position.  This should be a huge year for Cumberland who is big, fast and has very good hands.  I hate to say it JET fans but this offense could be pretty pitiful.  Hopefully players will step up and make the plays this year.

Fortunately the JET defense has the look of a solid unit of younger athletic players that can get some things done.  If they play fast and smart and limit the silly penalties we saw all of last year,  I think the defense will keep the JETS in a lot of games.  I think Rex’ group will be top 10 in the league again this year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the top 5.

Cromartie has become a leader to go along with his monster skills at corner.  David Harris is well…David Harris.  I expect his best year yet.  Mo Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson and Quinton Coples should all excel this season.  Hopefully Coples gets back from his ankle injury and it doesn’t turn into a major set back.  This could be a huge year for him. According to Tim Keeney of BLEACHER REPORT, DT Sheldon Richardson, who spoke to

Coples on Monday morning, told the Daily News that Coples was hoping to return for the opener against the Bucs on Sept. 8 or against New England in Week 2. ‘That’s what he’s shooting for,’ Richardson said. The safety position is a bit fuzzy but the elder Landry brother should do a reasonable job.

So where is this JET team headed in 2013?  Looks like a 7 win season to me..but hey…that’s why they play the games.

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