Smith not the answer…yet…

The NY Jets find themselves in a swirling storm on the offensive side of the ball.  Geno Smith went out and demonstrated what most observers already knew.  It’s pretty rough for a rookie QB, with limited practice time due to an injury, to step onto the field against a team of veteran defensive players like the NY Giants,  and expect to look great. He didn’t.  He made some nice athletic plays…some beautiful throws and a TD.  Then there were the three ugly interceptions.  The Jets saw what they needed to see.  Unfortunately that other fellow at the QB position in the Green and White…one Mark Sanchez…


Mark Sanchez in his New York Jets uniform.

Mark Sanchez in his New York Jets uniform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




also made some nice plays but was clobbered by a defensive tackle late in the game and appeared to injure his shoulder.  Reporters got into a heated discussion with Coach Ryan post game as to why Sanchez was even in the game at that point. And then there was Matt Simms…he the son of the former star QB of the NY Giants.  He’s buried so low on the depth chart you needed a shovel to dig him up.  All he did was show a massive arm…great composure under fire behind a rag tag O-line and lead the Jets to methodical scoring drives.  If Sanchez is too hurt to start,  and Smith is still at the far end of the learning curve,  does Simms step in and fill the vacuum???

Turning to the rest of the night’s action,  the only nice thing that one could say is “It’s still the pre-season”.  It was an ugly ugly game featuring dropped and tipped passes, fumbles,


New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


interceptions, missed field goals and the like.  Not much to watch.  Was there progress being made? Perhaps.  Wide received Ryan Spadola…this year’s “Pet Rookie” once again distinguished himself with great hands and solid play.  The young Jet linbackers though a bit tentative look like they could be a solid unit.  Darren Walls looked good at CB and Dawan Landry looked like he’s ready for the season the safety position.


The first team offense has some work to do.  The running game was basically non-existent even though the short pass West Coast Offensive style they are using was working somewhat.

It’s a year of evolution for the NJ Jets.  It can get ugly at times…but it might also be beautiful at times as well.  If Sanchez is healthy he will probably start the season but as they have shown us so many times before,  no on is really sure what the Jets are going to do. Maybe they’ll bring in a veteran QB?  Today they cut Braylon Edwards and Joe McKnight. Will they be looking for a running back or more offensive help?  Stay tuned Jet fans as the plot thickens.



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