Jets QB Battle May Come Down to GIANT Test

Could Geno Smith really be the starting QB for the NY Jets this season?  The opinion here is if he plays great against the Giants it’s a real possibility.  I have no inside information

Geno Smith Head Shot

Geno Smith Head Shot (Photo credit: goarmyphotos)

but I have the distinct feeling that GM John Idzik is not a huge fan of Mark Sanchez and his 8+ million dollar salary.  Idzik sent Revis packing and he was a GREAT player.  Why

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wouldn’t he continue to re-build as he has?  Keller gone.  Slaussen gone. DeVito gone.Bart Scott gone. Brian Thomas gone. His modus has been TEAM FIRST and for that I applaud him.  He is no doubt aware that should Smith win the job, he can get on with the business of building an offense around Smith’s athletic skill set.  Sanchez has become a turnover machine.  It may be too late to save his Jet career after 2 really miserable seasons in which his decision making was truly appalling. I have defended Sanchez in the past but I am amazed that for someone with his years of experience in the league he can appear so clueless at times in games.  After the games he says all the right things…he accepts the blame for his failures and the failures of those around him.  Admirable.  But I just don’t see things improving.  His preseason has looked an awful lot like his past 2 regular seasons.  Lead an awesome scoring drive one minute.  Throw an incomprehensible interception the next.  Make a sterling play that saves a drive and later an absurd fumble of a blatantly unprotected football. Throw a perfect tight spiral in a perfect spot on one play and then follow that with a ridiculous dying duck into triple coverage.  It’s a shame.  Can he resurrect himself and the offense? We shall see what we shall see.

Mark Sanchez in his New York Jets uniform.

Mark Sanchez in his New York Jets uniform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course the JETS in their typical unorthodoxy…(is that even a word?) will wait till the last possible moment to name the season starter. Bob Glauber writing in NEWSDAY today thinks that it’s the right call to not rush the decision,  and I couldn’t agree more.  What’s the point is rushing the decision?  Isn’t way more important to make the RIGHT decision, than the QUICK decision?  Coach Rex Ryan has been saying just that the entire preseason.

It may not be the conventional way to handle things but Sanchez has been so miserable th elast 2 seasons that his performance has really forced the Jets hand.  They need to know if Geno Smith can be the guy…even if only in the short term, and they need to know soon.  I believe the Jets will go with Smith if he shows he can handle the Giant’s defense.  If he falters they can go to Sanchez as a fall back.  Ideally it would be the other way around  but I think it’s pretty obvious Sanchez will not be the guy next year.  Smith will be given every opportunity to take the job and unlike what Tannenbaum did with Sanchez,  Idzik will do everything he can to surround Smith with talent on offense to help you succeed.  The Jet offense isn’t horrible…merely ordinary.  If the offensive line plays like it did last year it wont really matter much who the QB is.  They will be moving backwards most of the season.  Running game?  What running game?  Joe McKnight is always poised to be great and then never is.  Where is Ivory?  Can Bilal Powell carry a big workload?  Lex Hilliard

English: Running back Joe McKnight, after a fa...

English: Running back Joe McKnight, after a fall practice before the 2008 USC Trojans football season. He is making the traditional USC Trojan “V” for victory hand sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

out for the season. Anybody seen or heard from Mike Goodson??

So Jet fans…are you ready to watch some lousy football!?  Look at it this way…at the very least you’ll either get to watch the development of a new talent,  the unraveling of a career,  or both!  Ahhh the human drama of the NFL.  Don’tchya love it!?!?

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5 Responses to Jets QB Battle May Come Down to GIANT Test

  1. Kenn Paresi says:

    It’s hard for me to stop looking at the Jest’s with rose colored glasses, seeing as I bleed GREEN. I can only hope they keep the right players on the final roster, make the right QB choice ( In this case that would be Simms, seeing as it was he that won the preseason QB competition.) Maybe they surprise the football world and make the playoffs, with a killer D and a much better O then the so called experts give them credit for! Man, I’ve always hated the dopey J E T S cheer too! Sorry Joe, I know that may come as a shock to you after all the games we’ve been to all these years!

    • joeref says:

      We both know the Jets aren’t going to make Simms the QB no matter how great he played but I’d like to see him as the number three. He has McElroy’s smarts but he has the massive arm. Who knows what happens then? Maybe if he makes the team at some point he gets a shot. I’m glad Ryan Spadola seems to have made the cut but sorry that Edwards was the loser. He did some good things while with the Jets. Yeah I have a hard time separating reality from my feelings for the Green and White myself but I try to be as objective as a lifelong fan can be. I think I do pretty well. I want to see them make the playoffs every year but I think it’ s going to be a struggle this time around….but hey….that’s why they play the games!


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