NY BAseball 2013…not much to root about

As Alex Rodriquez ramps up his public pi**ing match with the Yankees,  the Mets bullpen continues to torture Matt Harvey and Met fans.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Not too many people really thought this was going to be a banner year in the Bronx or Flushing by the Bay,  but it has certainly been entertaining as far as melodrama and wackiness goes.  In this morning’s NEWSDAY, Brian cashman the Yankees cerebral general manager (and someone I admire quite a bit in the baseball business) called A-Rod a “liar”, and said that his allegations of medical treatment are in a word, “false”.  This after a week in which A-Rod blasted the Yankees and baseball for what he characterized as a conspiracy to keep him from playing and also to keep him from cashing his HUGE paychecks.  Personally I think both sides are full of the proverbial manure,  but I do think the public lynching of Rodriquez is way way over the top.  He did something that many of contemporaries did.  Was he wrong?  Sure.  Has it become a little silly at this point?  In this man’s opinion…yes!

Over on the south side of town,  The Mets continue to drive their fans insane with the sort of meltdown baseball they have been treating New York to for the last 2 or 3 seasons.  Sure there are go things to look forward to,  and yes they are not quite as horrible as some expected but wow…c’mon already!   Matt Harver pitched another solid game and they blew it.  I was watching the post game and here was the standup young man…explaining why it was his fault they lost and how he could have done more.  Admirable on his part but nowhere near the truth of the matter.  If the Mets expect to regain any legitimacy in this town they better get off their financial asses and spend some cash in 2014 or Citifield will make Tombstone Arizona look like a teaming metropolis!  They need professional hitters in the outfield…they need solid middle relief and they need depth on the bench.  Time to earn your money Sandy Alderson.

Sandy Alderson

Sandy Alderson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heading back up the Cross Island we find a Yankee team that is OLD…TIRED and HURTIN”.  Mo will be gone soon.  Joba looks more like the Hut than the guy who was blowing away hitters a few seasons ago. Jeter,  ever the class act and leader,  just ain’t got it anymore.  His injuries are bringing him down.  Even if he can play his days at short are behind him.  CC Sabathia looks like a very overweight

Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

shadow of himself and A-Rod?  He’ll be banished and when he returns in 2015 at age 40, (if he returns) it’s anybody’s guess what he’ll be.  Brian Cashman meet Sandy Alderson.


It’s gonna be an interesting off season.


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4 Responses to NY BAseball 2013…not much to root about

  1. Debbie Ponella says:

    DVR’d the Harvey game yesterday .. Called my dad when I got home and asked him if it was worth watching . First thing he said was “Bullpen blew it” .. So obviously , i didn’t bother … I think Sandy will open up the purse this off season with the money coming off of Santana , etc .. But i don’t expect him to make a big splash .. Although I’ve been hearing about a Cuban player who recently defected who is regarded in the same vain as Puig .. Now that is intriguing to me.. Would the Mets over pay like the Dodgers did for a player like this … Off season is going to be interesting ..

    • joeref says:

      Sandy better open the purse or Citifield will be empty again next season. At this point what possible excuse could there be for not spending? The Mets have a nice group of complimentary players, a few potentially great pitching prospects and a few everyday standouts but they are going nowhere fast unless they bring in at least a couple of big guns.

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  2. Bill Deegan says:

    2014 team will be 100% on Sandy. He has had time to clean up the payroll and make his building block moves, now we see if he can run a major market team that needs to win now.

    • joeref says:

      Sandy has had a nice honeymoon here. He has laid the foundation. Now if the only thing he can say to deflect crticism is they didn’t give him the money. Next year they have massive contracts going bye bye. and they should be able to get what they need. MAybe not all…but plenty…the we see if the CORRECT DECISIONS are made. Spending money doesn’t cure everything.the right moves must be made.

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