NY Jets 2013 Season – Part 2- A closer look at the QB’s

It is obvious to anyone who follows the New York Jets that the questions facing this year’s team are many but none more glaring than the situation at the quarterback position.






New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The history of first round pick Mark Sanchez is well known. Originally touted as the “future of the franchise”  Sanchez has stumbled mightily the last 2 years after consecutive appearances in the AFC Championship game.  What happened to such a promising player?  It is generally assumed that a player develops and gets BETTER as he gains more experience in the league.  You would think that playing in the AFC Championship game would boost one’s confidence.  For some reason the exact opposite has occurred with Sanchez.  He has become a turnover machine,  throwing interceptions




Mark Sanchez after throwing a pass during the ...

Mark Sanchez after throwing a pass during the Jets vs. Eagles preseason game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


and losing fumbles at the most critical and inopportune moments in games. His post game press conferences have become assurances that “things will improve”, “I can’t allow that to happen”, “I need to protect the ball better”, and “We’ll fix that” soliloquies. He’s a standup guy and he’s analytical and self deprecating.  Unfortunately  during the last 2 years the it hasn’t gotten better, the ball hasn’t been protected and the problems haven’t been fixed.  So far in thie 2 preseason game games,  Sanchez looks like the same guy we’ve been watching the past 2 lousy seasons.  2 TD’s,  2 really awful INT’s, 23 of 36 for 294 yards..a win and a loss. His completion percentage is up slightly but there isn’t much else to say.  This long time Jet fan is hoping a dominating defense will carry the team because it sure doesn’t look like the offense will.


The Jets went out and drafted a QB in the second round.  Enter Geno Smith.  Besides his apparent swagger and complete confidence in his own abilities,  so far Smith hasn’t shown much. There have been some flashes of athletic ability in camp…a very strong arm, quickness and passing accuracy.  These are qualities that Sanchez does not possess.  Many believe this is further evidence that ultimately Smith will make everyone forget Mark Sanchez, be it this season or next. I’m not quite sure yet. After last night’s game against the Jags,  Sanchez gave us another plate full of maybes.  Directs a nice drive, threw a TD and then threw an awful interception in the end zone.   Smith’s lingering ankle sprain kept him out of the game.  The other day Head Coach Rex Ryan characterized a recent Smith practice session as “brutal”…this from a coach who has a history of NOT ripping his players in public.


English: An image of Rex Ryan during his tenur...

English: An image of Rex Ryan during his tenure as Baltimore Ravens coach, head and shoulders only for the infobox, cropped from the original using Paint.NET v3.5.5 by Jeff G. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






A recent article in Dan Leberfeld’s JETS CONFIDENTIAL newspaper put it this way.  “The Jets quarterback situation right now can’t generate much confidence in Jets Nation”.  Ya got that right!








So I will sit back and watch…just like every other Jet fan,  and see who emerges from the swirling dust to lead the team.  At this point who that person will be is anybody’s quess.





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