What does the 2013 season hold for the New York Jets? – Part 1

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Rex Ryan & The Jets

English: Rex Ryan & The Jets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It happens every year right around this time.  A large number of young men fighting it out for a spot on an NFL team. The cliche of  shedding “blood, sweat and tears” to make a team holds true for this violent game more so than any other professional sport. We are fascinated and amazed by the physical hardships and the mental discipline required to play the game at it’s highest level.  It’s a yearly ritual wherein the NFL separates “the men from the boys” by subjecting them to every conceivable athletic limit.  Having watched numerous training camp sessions over the years in the broiling heat these guys have gained my respect many times over.

I’ve followed the Jets since 1967…have had season tix since 1978.  I’ve seen over 300 games in person and many thousands more on TV.  I’ve met and discussed the game with the players, the coaches and especially the fans over the last 45 years or thereabouts, so I consider myself, and rightly so,  an authority on the subject.  Well enough about me…let’s get to the story at hand…NY JETS  2013.

The last two seasons have been fairly dismal for the Green and White.  Not as horrible as some of the storied disasters of the past.  Not quite as dramatic as some of the near misses and epic collapses of years gone by, but dismal nonetheless. Rex Ryan’s first two campaigns were like a breath of fresh air with the resulting trips to the AFC Championship games but injuries, free agency and creeping age have robbed the team of some of their talent.

English: An image of Rex Ryan during his tenur...

English: An image of Rex Ryan during his tenure as Baltimore Ravens coach, head and shoulders only for the infobox, cropped from the original using Paint.NET v3.5.5 by Jeff G. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mark Sanchez sort of looked like the answer at the most critical position on the team.  The best defensive player on the planet played for the Jets in the person of Mr. Revis and his own special island.  But this year the mood around the team is changed.  The absolutes are few and the questions many.  Who will start at QB now that Sanchez has shown a regression of amazing proportions?

Mark Sanchez after throwing a pass during the ...

Mark Sanchez after throwing a pass during the Jets vs. Eagles preseason game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can Geno Smith really be the answer? Many the draft experts who have said no way. Too raw..unschooled in the NFL’s complex West Coast Offense being put in by Marty Mornhinweg.  Run and gun sort of guy in a controlled environment.  And anyway not too many rookie QB’s start in the NFL.

The defensive backfield is also a question mark now that Revis Island has sunk into the sea off Tampa Bay.  First round pick  Dee Milliner looks to be the real deal in Revis’ place but that certainly a huge amount of pressure to drop on the young man.  He says he embraces the challenge and he says he’s ready and recovered from off-season shoulder surgery but hey…he has to do it on the field.  Another question mark.

Add to the chaos as long time TE Dustin Keller decided to swim with the fishes..Shonn Greene rumbled to the Titans and key defensive players like Bart Scott, Sione Pouha, Mike Devito, Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry were either released or waived goodbye in Free Agency.

English: Bart Scott during practice

English: Bart Scott during practice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Jets off season moves have been been pretty underwhelming and there have been some disappointing losses. This isn’t the fault of Jets’ general manager John Idzik. He inherited this  mess and he’s trying to make things work with low-cost bargains as he pilots these tricky waters in his first year at the helm. I believe Idzik will have success with the Jets.  He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy who cares only

Mike DeVito

Mike DeVito (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

about improving the team and winning.  He’s seems to be stripping away a lot of the BS that we’ve seen with the Jets the last two disappointing seasons.  Can he do it?  Only time and the players he brings in will tell the tale.  Signings?  Not much to speak of though the few the Jets have brought on board should be productive additions. I like Antwan Barnes, a tough QB sacker from San Diego. Willie Colon came over from the Steelers to help man the guard position…another pretty good move if he stays healthy.

English: Antwan Barnes, a player on the Nation...

English: Antwan Barnes, a player on the National Football League. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like the signings of Chris Ivory at RB from the Saints and Mike Goodson from the Raiders,  that is of course if Ivory still has the fire and Goodson can stay out of jail! Kellen Winslow Jr and Braylon Edwards should make whomever the QB turns out to be a little bit more secure in the pocket.

English: Texas A&M tailback Mike Goodson liste...

English: Texas A&M tailback Mike Goodson listening to a guest speaker during fall practice on November 19, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So that’s all for now, In Part 2 of my 2013 Jets breakdown,  we’ll discuss and take a closer look at what’s haapening in CAMP CORTLAND as I break down the team position by position.  Please jump on board Jets fans ( and even those who aren’t) and let me know what YOU think is in store for the NY JETS in 2013.

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6 Responses to What does the 2013 season hold for the New York Jets? – Part 1

  1. Joanne F says:

    Personally, I think (and hope) what’s in store for Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and the Jets this season is a little “Instant Karma” for what they did to Tim Tebow. I have never been so disgusted with a football franchise as I am with this group, who so shamelessly took that kid for their own PR, then dumped him so unceremoniously. There’s a special place in Football Hell for them. I have a ladies’ Jets T-shirt, nearly new, to give away, size medium. Any takers? (BTW, I passed the Jets training camp in Cortland on my way to and from Syracuse last weekend. Didn’t have time to stop, and even if I did, well, you know how I feel…)

    • joeref says:

      I’m not sure what all this passion for Tim Tebow, and the way he was treated is about, but you certainly have made your point. What I don’t get is why they brought him in inthe first place..? The talking points were interesting but then they never did what they say they were going to do. Hate to say it but what happens on Sunday is predicated on what goes on in practise. They guy is simply not an NFL level QB. I’m quite sure if they felt he could help them win on the field, he would have been on the field. Let’s see what goes on with The Patriots.

      • Joanne F says:

        Well, I’m a Double Gator, just for starters. And I’m very protective of my “Gator Babies”, as I call the Gator kids who went onto the pros. So while I am NO religionist, and do not care for TT’s religiosity, I do understand his mindset, why he is the way he is religiously, and his personality. He is a humble kid who will do what he’s asked, and he is kind and generous. But he is also very talented, and his talent is unappreciated and misunderstood. He came to the Jets thinking he’d play, but he was merely used as a PR device. That was mean-spirited. I have heard you and many others claim that TT is not pro-level QB, but his stats defy those claims. He turned Denver around, took a totally losing team and brought them wins virtually every weekend. Then what happens? He gets dumped. He comes to NY, and he doesn’t even get to play — we all had to watch that loser, Mark Sanchez — and then he gets dumped. I am hopeful that Bill Bellichek (I think I spelled that wrong) gives him a fair shot. I WILL be watching the Patriots this season, and I may very well become a fan. 🙂

      • joeref says:

        I am not connected emotionally to Tebow or the Gators as you are. I se ethe situation purely as an observer of NFL football, and the Jets, over a period of 45 years. You say his stats show him to be an NFL level QB and you point to the Denver Broncos run of two years ago as proof. What he did in that situation was decent but their late season winning streak had as much or more to do with their intense defensive play as it did with Tebow winning games for them. Anyone who has watched the NFL for any period of time can see that Tebow’s pocket presence is poor…his throwing motion and accuracy are terrible and he take way way too long to decide where he is going with the ball. Regardless of the misguided reasons the Jets signed him, he will never be a starting NFL QB. Apparently the entire league agrred with me as no one signed him until The Patriots did so at the eleventh hour. Their QB is some guy named Brady. Once again Tebow will have no shot to start.

  2. Dorothy Sent says:

    I hope this season will be a better one for the Jets. I saw Mark Sanchez on TV and he has a new look I hope it carries on to the football field Dotty

    Sent from my iPad

    • joeref says:

      I’m not sure how this season will look. Lots of changes everywhere on the roster. Some good…some not so good. A lot of it is riding on the back of Mark Sanchez. If he plays well and they win, then Rex Ryan will be around for a few more years. If he continues his downward spiral (no pun intended) then he and Ryan will be gone next year and the Jets will move on the next regime. It’s really too bad. The combination seemed to ahve such a good thing going just a few years back. How quickly we all forget what they accomplished together. But in this WIN NOW OR ELSE world we live in, and especially with Jet fans who have been waiting for a second SUPER BOWL for 45 years, patience has worn very very thin. What do you think about this year’s crop of rookies?

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