I think we would all agree we all have some time to play but that none of us has enough time to play.  Well maybe a few of the ultra-wealthy, privleged jet setters amongst us may have sufficient time  to play but it’s a pretty good bet the rest of us wish we had more.

Self-perceived quality-of-life scale

Self-perceived quality-of-life scale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some of us are even taking steps to help themselves and others achieve this goal.  One such someone is a most interesting woman I have met. She is an amiable sort with a smile for everyone and an energetic personality. I have become her friend and we are beginning to do some business together.  Her name is Doreen Guma.  She sports a long list of credentials… MA, FACHE, CPC, CLC – Author, Healthcare Administrator, Certified Professional Coach, and Certified Life Coach.  She has founded an organization called Time To Play and her goals are as obvious as the name implies.  The mission statement from the Time To Play web site states:

Our mission is to provide resources for a better life! We are everyday people helping people enjoy life by learning how to be happy, healthy, have money, have a work life balance and quality of life. It’s Time to Enjoy YOUR Life! = Resources for a Better Life!


Seems simple enough but people move through their daily lives preoccupied with the grind of minutiae that we each must face and deal with on a constant basis. This seemingly never ending river of  life’s daily moments tends to rob us of our time and our ability to enjoy that which is around us.  The ability to connect and refresh.

Ms. Guma is making a BIG effort to reach people,  to help them find their piece of happiness in the world.  Thus the Time To Play web site.  (

The entire TimeToPlay concept revolves around people helping people have a better life and to enjoy life to it’s fullest extent.

Visit the web site and you’ll find a wealth of information about a variety of topics ranging from happiness to video for your business; from eating right to career advice and many other topics.  These areas are discussed by experts in their fields with little or no “ax to grind” so the information is timely and helpful.

Getting back to Ms. Guma she has taken her quest to an even higher level. I am frequently amazed by the energy she puts forth into helping other people.  She has managed to distill her thoughts into her newly published first book entitled,” If I Knew Then What I know Now” It’s an interesting compilation of short pieces by both Ms. Guma and several of the Time To Play professional resources.

Time To Play also makes use of some of the traditional avenues to make a better life for people. For example, with every purchase from the website you are donating to timetoplay’s corporate giving program which helps fund not-for-profit organizations. These organizations help others enjoy life, have a better life, or  educate people on things they should know to potentially avoid hardships in their lives.   Recognizing the importance of people helping people, a portion of every purchase is donated to a charitable organization.

Another interesting feature of the Time To Play approach is the regular Podcasts that are available free of charge.  They are called the EMPOWER HALF HOUR where various professionals discuss issues that affect people such as substance abuse;  self esteem and happiness situations.

In the Forum area on the site, there are discussions open to everyone on a variety of topics ranging from “Memorable & Funny Moments” to “Beauty” to “Health” to “music”.  Anyone can and is encouraged to jump into the many conversations to educate…to learn…to find that life balance that may be eluding them.

I would highly recommend a visit to  Certainly worth a look at the

resources available to help you live a better quality of life.

It’s an interesting concept, an interesting meeting of minds dedicated to helping people be healthy, happy and find a better life through available resources.

Check it out.

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