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I know I’m a couple of days behind on this story but I just couldn’t let it go.  MET Phenom Matt Harvey pitched a brilliant game last Friday eve.  He was cruising, strking out 11 and allowing a single hit…a homer into the 5th inning.  By the 7th inning he had allowed a couple of meaningless hits and didn’t issue a walk.  He lowered his already superb ERA to 2.00.  Of course the METS like all major league sports teams play these game to W I N>  Once again in that department they failed miserably leaving the kid with another no decision and adding another ridiculous loss to their season record.  To his credit Harvey has learned to handle these frustrations with class and dignity. He is quoite confident in his ability and he’s quite sure who he is.  Jim Baubach in NEWSDAY got this quote after the game.  “I was happy about going seven, but going or nine is ideal.”


So once again what looked like a clean 4-1 vistory was dashed to bits by the Mets joke of a bullpen. If I have a problem with anything Sandy Adlerson has done as the GM,  he has been an absolute failure in the are of the bullpen. One by one the relief came in, and no relief was provided. After harvey was pulled, Aardma gave up a single.  In came Edgin who gave up a double. On came Lyon who then walked the bases loaded.  Zimmerman greeted Mr. Lyon by spanking a tweener that cleared the based and tied the game. In the next inning the sometimes great sometimes awful Bobby Parnell gave up 2 more runs and another great effort by Harvey became history.

Regardless of the outcome it has become quite apparent that the young star should be starting the All-Star game for the NL hometown fans.  He has been consistently dominant, something we haven’t seen in a Mets uniform since Seaver was here.


Harvey pitches great…Bullpen blows the game..We’ve seen this scenario repeated all season long.  And Harvey isn’t the only starter that has been treated to this ineffective pen.They’ve taken turns blowing games for all of the Met starters.

Looking ahead and regardless of what the Mets might spend next season,  if they don’t take steps to fix this very spotty at best bullpen, nothing they do in free agency will have much impact towards making them serious contenders.


Bobby Parnell

Bobby Parnell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











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