Matt Harvey looking more like Seaver at every start

It was hot.  It was humid.  It was a steaming afternoon in the city of brotherly love.  The NY METS were looking for a bright spot in an otherwise dismal season when Matt Harvey took the mound at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and proceeded to easily shutdown the Phillies.  Mixing 100 MPH fastballs with dancing curves, Harvey had very little trouble on his way to a 2 hit,  😯 shutout of the Phillies.  The METS 24 uyear old ace, was nothing short of spectacular again,  and it’s becoming obvious this guy should be the leader of the young team for many years to come,  unless management makes some silly blunder.  Today I driving in my car listening to WFAN and some idiot calls up and asks the question, “Who should the METS trade?  Harvey or Wheeler?  WTF?!??!  Trade?  Are you nutz?  The Mets are looking at the possibility of two perennial all-stars at the top of their rotation and this genius is talking trades?  This is the perfect example of amny times I cringe while listening to sport talk radio.  YIKES…trade?   Harvey allowed 2 hits and a walk and left the game during a rain delay.  HE probably would have breezed through the remaining innings had things played out that way. He is now 7-1 with an ERA of of 2.51.  This on a team that seldom supports him like they did yesterday.

I was a teenager when Tom Seaver arrived on the scene,  oh those many years ago.  I remember his over powering domination during that era.  This guy is creeping ever closer to that lofty peak with every start.  I really hate to say anything because as is usually the case with the SCHMETS, anything that can go wrong, will.  I think Sandy Alderson actually has an excellent sense of what he’s doing,  so long as the ridiculous Wilpons stay out of the way.  Do not trade Harvey.  Do not trade Wheeler.  rather,  put some players around these young men and let them blossom in New York.  Did someone say outfielder?These guys are the Seaver-Koosman of this era,  and if the Mets ever hope to rise above the stench of mediocrity that engulfs this franchise,  they are going to have to pitch their way out of it.  With these two at the top, with Niese and Gee…maybe they have something going forward.



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4 Responses to Matt Harvey looking more like Seaver at every start

  1. Bill Deegan says:

    Really believe Harvey is the real deal. Admire not only his talent but even more so the way he is handling himself, all business on and off the field. Now, Wheeler is still a diamond in the rough. Do we really know if he has it ? Will he be injury prone ? So, it does raise the question of trading his potential for an everyday slugger that can boost this offense. The one similar situation that comes to mind is Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi….how did that work out ? Gotta stay with the kids, we can always buy a bat later.

    • joeref says:

      I completely agree. Pitching wins. We can always add the complimentary players at a later time. The MEts actually have another couple of hot pictching prospects in the minors. They have shown us great patience to this point. I hope they will keep to the plan and build a young strong team a la the ’96 Yankees.

  2. Bill Deegan says:

    As frustrating as its been this year, the Mets are looking a little like the Islanders who have struggled for a few years while stocking their team with tons of prospects who are now developing into solid pros. Patience is not a virtue many of us have in NY, but the next two years will tell if Alderson is a savior r a fraud.

    • joeref says:

      One of the problems you encounter when you have a team that has been down so so long is that the fans lose their patience quickly. Mets fans have had a full plate of crap to look at for a long time. It’s understandable that they are eager for immediate success. All I can say is I’m as eager and as frustrated as the next guy, but I think it would be foolish at this point to deprive the franchise a chance at having 2 quality starters at the top of the rotation. I hear fans on the radio talking trade. I believe that would be a BIG mistake. Can’t we grow some of our own talent for a change?

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