I have always had a certain respect and fondness for english crazy person Russell Brand.  I grabbed this off of Facebook.  Amazing to say the least.  He is so quick he makes Dennis Miller sound like Foster Brooks. Wow


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6 Responses to Russell Brand is brilliant…I think…

  1. Cat says:

    Russell is a refreshingly unique natural born comic/ raconteur & this world can use all the humor it can get so Russell, keep doing what you’re doing.

    • joeref says:

      Honestly I think he is quite brilliant. Funny, quick-witted, quite intense and right on top of things. I wasn’t sure about him in the beginning but he has at least shown me, that he is more than the flavor of the month.

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    • joeref says:

      as the days go by and I am exposed to Russell Brand more and more, I can honestly say that I am becoming a HUGE FAN! he sort of reminds me of John lennon in a weird kind of way…quick, incisive, funny as hell, knowing.

  3. Cat says:

    There is something Lennonesque about Russell’s humor and that is a huge compliment. I’ll bet he and John would have gotten along great and listening to them bounce off one another would have been such a treat, I wish I could afford to see Russell onstage with 0% censorship. Just found this quote on the Liverpool Echo site: “I’m a massive John Lennon fan. I like all his songs, but my favourites are probably Mother and Working Class Hero. They’re the two I always go back to.” Sounds about right!

  4. joeref says:

    There is something so similar about them…the quick witted responses to “stupid” or “inane” questions….the almost “wisdom” of their understanding of the world at a very young age.

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