NSA says surveillance foiled 50 terrorist plots

I’ve been accused of being a “liberal”, a “leftist” and oh no,  a….democrat!  But I have to say in a lot of ways I lean to the right when it comes to the issues surrounding the NSA keeping close tabs on what Americans are doing these days.  Or should I say what individuals in America are doing.  Old Ben Franklin said, (paraphrasing here)  “A country that gives up basic freedoms for security deserves neither freedom or security”.  Sounds like a truism that makes great sense and applies to America more than any other country on earth but in this insane new world we inhabit,  where young men and women don’t give a second thought to blowing up themselves and taking  innocent men women and children with them,  it’s hard to not agree that at least a bit of our freedom needs to be compromised in the name of safety.

According to the report,  the NSA says they stopped a bombing plot that would have taken out the NY Stock Exchange.  That story is on page A7 of today’s NEWSDAY.   Of course here is where the debate begins.  Where do we draw the line?  How do we keep our citizens safe and yet enjoy the many freedoms this country is built upon?  Technology may provide an answer.  What do you think?

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2 Responses to NSA says surveillance foiled 50 terrorist plots

  1. thedoctored7 says:

    I will take a wild guess: the breaking news regarding NSA monitoring communications in America is just the tip of the ice berg. Who knows what more is below the surface there? Even the budget is a secret. If the agency can keep it straight between the people who are real threats and those who are not, then it will work out for the best. What we have to be concerned about is incompetence inside NSA and their contractors (just look at the IRS targeting Tea Party groups). We don’t want to end up with the bad guys getting away while the good guys endure onerous violations of their 4th, 5th and 6th amendment rights. Leadership and oversight is key to such an operation. Without good leadership and oversight, such a program could ruin us quickly. Perhaps that’s the root cause Franklin had in mind. Gee, did I just link incompetence and NSA in the same sentence? And, now there’s a black SUV parked in the street… Friends, I gotta go.

    • joeref says:

      LO hahahaha…careful…the “real” men in black may be stopping in for a chat and a cup of tea! In the past the government has targeted the Libertarians, the Communists, the Tea party, Acorn, John Lennon, the Skinheads and under Nixon who knows who else! I guess I’m torn on this one. On the one hand preserving freedom and justice is the ultimate aspiration. On the other hand there’s an awful lot of people running around that would like nothing better than to kill Americans in the name of Allah, in the name of Freedom from supposed tyranny, in the name of any number of radical and/or terrorist groups. We need to find and stop them. Someone suggested to me that the story the NSA is telling about foiling 50 such plots may just be contrived and as ficticious as anyother number of government announcements. I voted for Obama but he too seems to be succumbing to the “white lies can make it right” modus in Washington. Good intentions don’t always make things OK.

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