Harvey Wheeler the next Seaver-Koosman?

In the darkest depths of the torturous tumults known as METFANDOM in the year 2013, two young men provided excitement and a glimpse of what could be in the coming seasons.  Mat Harvey turned in yet another dominant performance against the Braves in game one of yesterday’s doubleheader striking out 13 and narrowly missing a no hitter.  This kid has shown that he is most certainly the real deal as he continues to work his way through the National League.  In game two, Zack Wheeler made it pretty clear why he has the been the talk of baseball this season,  and particularly the conversation on New York’s WFAN.  Wheeler struck out 7 and left after 6 scoreless innings.  He managed to survive his early inning gitters,  settled down and did what he has been expected to do….give the METS a chance to win…which they did.  So what about METS  fans?  Are these guys for real or is this a replay of the Pulsipher generation bust?  Let’s hear what you think!

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4 Responses to Harvey Wheeler the next Seaver-Koosman?

  1. Bill D says:

    A very bright day for us Mets fans yesterday …but is it for real, after 40 years of many disappointments who knows…but hey someone once said Ya Gotta Believe !

    • joeref says:

      that someone was the late great Tug McGraw. Met fans have been thru some of the most cruel and unusual punishment known to the sports world! The Jets and the Red Sox are right behind them LOL. I have to admit though this feels different. These kids seem to have the talent and the personal makeup to be successful in the Big Apple but only time will tell.

  2. Bill Deegan says:

    Harvey surely has the stuff and the balls needed to succeed in NY. Apparently he tried to fight Rausch last year over a prank. Rausch had about 50 lbs on him. Wheeler is way to raw to judge yet, but looking good so far…you’re right that we need Debbie in here, she bleeds orange and blue.

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