Here I go.

Hello kids!  I’ve been accused of being too liberal…too hardline…too musical and sometimes too abrasive….ahhhhhh ya’ can’t please everyone, all the time!  But I do know who I am and I do know what I like and I do know what I want and need to say to the world!  And so…here I go with my initial blog entry.As time goes on I’ll be discussing all sorts of things and I hope I can entice you to join in!  It’s good old fashioned COMMUNICATION,  and who knows, we might even enjoy some back and forth…some give and take…the NY TIMES…the DAILY NEWS…or something like that.  I had a college professor who once told me, “If you could slow down long enough to put your words onto paper you might amount to something someday.”  Well there’s no paper but maybe he was right…?

Stay tuned kids !  You’ll be hearing from Joe Refano’s BIG MOUTH on a regular basis.

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