These days over 70% of people surveyed said they get most or all of their product info from video on the web and this number is growing daily. The skillful use of VIDEO has become critical to the continued success of your business or organization.


WHY?  A picture may be worth a thousand words but a study found that a video is worth 1.8 million words! This presents a unique opportunity to TELL YOUR STORY like never before.  People and companies searching for answers look to video on the internet.

74% of users who watched an explainer type video online eventually purchased the product or service it was highlighting.  This isn’t terribly surprising considering that video quickly and easily disseminates important information about products and services,  and can make the case for more abstract concepts in a relatively short amount of time.  Vision being the most dominant of the five senses, again a connection to video is not a big surprise.  Since we were children we have been connecting with TV and movies.  Video is just an extension of a communication medium we’ve all been trained to receive.


83% of the businesses who have used video as an integral part of their marketing mix say that video provides a strong return on investment.  Maybe because studies show video builds trust with the viewer and trust is a key element in converting prospects into customers and customers into sales.

What good is it to have a really beautiful, functional web site if no one sees it?  GOOGLE rewards sites with robust video content by giving the site a much higher search ranking. You have a much better chance of showing up on the first page of a GOOGLE search if your site contains interesting and informational video content.


What about tablets and smart phones?  Approximately 90% of consumers say they watch videos on their mobile devices regularly and that number nearly doubles EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Consumers like to watch video on the go.  Doesn’t it make sense you give them something to watch?

VIDEO IS EASY.  In this fast paced hyper busy world,  it’s just easier for people to watch and digest information that is presented via video.  The average person just doesn’t have the time to read volumes of static text online.  Video makes it more of a pleasure and less of a chore to research products and services.

The Social medium are built on sharing. People share video but when asked they said they would tend to share videos that are less sales and more emotional, informational or funny.  This points out just how important BRANDING has become in getting your message across.  Establishing your brand across social medium is key to creating more prospective clients.  As I we said before more prospective customers become customers when you can deliver the relevant content via video.


Would you like to find out more about how the use of video can be beneficial to your specific situation?

MEDIA MECHANIX has been in business since 1985. We produce the VIDEO that tells the story of  YOUR business…professional practice or organization. VIDEO that you can use on your Website, Facebook page or YouTube Channel or in a blog.  To see our work please visit us  and click on the PORTFOLIO.

For a FREE CONSULTATION please contact Joe Refano  – call 516-817-8959 or email

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Ramblings, Rumblings and Musings

Hello friends.  After a long silence I’m back.  There were a myriad of reasons for my lack of communication. First and foremost being  my business MEDIA MECHANIX.  New clients and new projects have kept me jumping.    My band THE LIVERPOOL SHUFFLE is coming off a very successful run of summer shows.  My computer has been torturing me for a long time and thanks to a senior tech guy at APPLE in California it is now operating better than it ever has!  It vegetable season and working our large garden keeps my hands in the dirt.  All in all I’ve been B U S Y.

Excuses aside I have a few things I’d like to talk about in this edition of Joe Refano’s BIG MOUTH.  You may agree with some of my positions and you may disagree with others.  Either way I’d like to hear from you!  You can reach me through the blog and I promise to respond within a day or two at the most.

Let’s talk some sports.  What’s up with New York Sports?  Why are the majority of the major league sports teams in the Tri-State area, for lack of a better word, HORRIBLE?  The Mets.  Ugghhh.  Brutal.  The Jets. Terrible though they are doing the right things to grow and nourish a perennial winner (which they will never be until they find a Quarterback) The Knicks? Whew…disgusting…even Phil Jackson couldn’t turn them around and now Carmelo is gone. The Islanders?  Oooooo…looking at another so-so season.  The Rangers? Possibly a contender if they can get out of their own way in the early playoffs.  The Liberty?  This was their year.  Eliminated before a run could even get started.   The only team with perennial championship aspirations are the NY Yankees.  I was a huge fan as a kid.  Steinbrenner ended that for me. Let’s take a deeper look shall we?

The Mets were projected as World Series contenders before the season began.  How could they not be?    Solid lineup supporting an impressive pitching staff.  Fanatical fan support.  They looked like they would be in the mix.  And then poof.  It all went away in the wink of a bruised calf, hamstring, shoulder, finger, ankle, etc etc

Familia out. Wright out. Syndergaard out.  Harvey out. Matz out. Cespedes out. Duda out.  D’Arnaud out. Conforto out. Pill out. TJ Rivera out. Wheeler out. Reyes out. Flores out. Cabrera out.  Smoker out. Walker out. Gsellman out. Lagares out. Nimmo out. Lugo out. Milone out.  Ridiculous.  Mets players have spent more than 1100 days on the DL this season.  Bang zoom.  See ya’ next year.  And what’s even more troubling is that some of these injuries could derail seasons yet to come.  And of course the team will certainly look different now that they have traded Duda, Walker, Rivera, Reed and brought up Smith and Rosario. I don’t think you can hand out too much blame to management on this insane year but maybe they should look into upgrading the training staff? Ya think?

The Jets have been a joke since Rex took them to consecutive AFC title games.  Proof positive that if you get that far you better win.  He had the luxury of Mangini’s players and locker room but as we all know that disintegrated quickly into a boiling pot of bad calls, bad decisions and bravado that was never backed up.  Breaking it all down and starting over is the right thing to do.  The Jets have a collection of young hungry athletic bodies and I hope they will evolve into a core of good solid players that will be around for a while as they turn things around.  This year is going to be mucho painful Jet fans.  I’m rooting for the young guys to learn and progress and play hard…but since we still need the elusive franchise QB,  I’m hoping the losing continues so we get a shot at the studs projected to be at the top of next April’s draft. # and 13 is a nice number.  Just beat the Bills and the Pats and the season will be complete.

The Knicks are unexplainable. The great Phil Jackson…the Zen Master himself couldn’t turn this NBA version of the La Brer Tar Pits around. Glad about Porzingis. Let’s see what he becomes but unfortunately it might be the Ewing saga all over again.  Not enough complimentary players to help the kid develop and prosper. They finale made a deal for Carmelo and actually got something for him.  It’s a shame. The dude really wanted to win in New York.  They are going to have to find his 25 points a game from somewhere.

Every year The Liberty are projected as contenders. And every year they fall short.  The faces change.  The results stay the same.  Not much more to say about them.  Bill Laimbeer must be wondering how he got involved in that mess.

Let’s talk tech for a moment shall we?  I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with computers in general and specifically my computer.  It’s an APPLE  MacbookPro.  It’s several years old. So I try not to smack it around with a hammer or drop it on the wood floor.  It’s in decent shape. At least it is now.  After years of slow painful torture, and after numerous clean installs, equipment fixes, software upgrades etc etc the machine has begun to behave.  Why? Upgrading the RAM has turned the problem child of a machine into a fast, powerful tool that finally can keep up with my mind.  Funny after all the years of problems no one ever suggested that upgrading the memory could have such a dramatic effect.  It really has.  So after you disinfect your files, after you trash corrupted documents, after you replace failing hard drives and mother boards,  try installing whatever the maximum amount of RAM that goes in your machine.  It’s been a revelation! The machine came with 4GB of RAM and it was suggested it only took 8GB max.  The Apple guy told me to try 16GB.  In stalled it myself and wow…suddenly I’m flying the Starship Enterprise.

The environment has been on my mind.  Recently saw Al Gore’s AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL.  I’d suggest that regardless of your opinion of Mr. Gore,  the movies is quite enlightening on several fronts.  Areas of downtown Miami under water at high tide every day. Low lying countries in Asia and along the Indian Ocean slowly slipping into the sea while thousands of people ponder what their response should be.

Back in the 20th century about 10 or 15 years ago I was becoming more aware of what was then called Global Warming but should be more accurately described as Climate Change.  This is one of the most hotly debated and contested issues of the 21st century.  But it’s interesting that the debates have been between the “deniers” and the “believers”.  There really has been no serious debate between the world’s leading scientists.  As the famous American astrophysicist at the Museum of Natural History Neil deGrasse Tyson is fond of saying (and I paraphrase) “the cool thing about science is it’s true whether or not you believe in it”.  Years ago I read that the increasing temperature of the world’s oceans would lead to more powerful and dramatic storms the world over and that is exactly what we are seeing the last several years in this century.  Katrina, Sandy, Irene, Harvey, Irma, Maria, etc etc with each one being proclaimed the biggest and most powerful yet.

At this point most people, regardless of age, country, religion, or political slant are accepting that Climate Change is real.  The debate arises out of the fact that many people feel that Climate Change is is a natural occurrence, a phenomena that nature itself goes through from time to time.  That may be true but the effects of such a huge change have never been shown to be quite as dramatic and quite as fast as what is happening now. Without getting into a big political debate, let me pose a question to all.  Does anyone actually believe that the millions of tons of carbon gas, fossil fuel pollution and waste that we have been belching into the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution 150+ years ago has had no effect on the environment of the planet?  Can anyone voice this with a straight face?  The massive misinformation campaign foisted on the public by the interests of the coal industry and the big oil/gas companies has managed to slow action on this critical issue.  The very survival of life on Earth is at stake.  George Carlin pointed it out quite clearly. “The earth will most certainly survive. Idiot human beings will not”.  Does anyone remember the outcry back in the 1970’s when it was discovered that the carbon exhausts from millions of vehicles was causing acid rain which was killing rivers, lakes and ponds in the Midwest?  Wake up folks.  That was over 40 years ago.  Though the government standards (as watered down as they are)  have somewhat controlled the emissions problem, we are still putting tons of carbon exhaust into the environment every day every week every month every year.  Where does anyone think all of this noxious poison is going?  Anyone remember Robert Klein’s hilarious parody of that old Exxon commercial?  It was a singing jingle that went, “What can one man do my friend?  What can one man do?” Klein’s voiceover intoned, “Have the President of Exxon put his mouth over my exhaust pipe.”






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Spring is here again and romaine and red romaine lettuce, beets, two types of kale, mesclun greens, snow peas, arugula, cabbage, escarole and swiss chard are in the ground. We’ve been cleaning up the plot, area by area, using our mantis tiller and spreading VEGETABLES ALIVE organic fertilizer from the Gardens Alive catalogue. As we re-claim each area we plant in those areas. This is much easier than trying to do it all at once! Much easier on the back too.


We start the seeds for tomatoes and peppers in the house.


Now that the cool weather varieties are in the ground, I am in the process of hardening the warm weather crops. I started them in the house in March and April in my mini green house. Once they pop in about 7-10 days I move them to a room temperature environment. Now that the weather has become milder with dappled sunlight, I have begun moving the tomatoes and peppers outside to get used to that new temperature Spring and direct sun.


Depending on the year this can be tricky and I’ve had some issues in the past. Generally I try not to rush the process. First day out I do 30 minutes. After that it’s about 90 minutes for a week or two. When the plants are larger and visibly stronger I leave them out day and night. Usually tomatoes and peppers are strong and ready for the garden plot somewhere between May 10 and 20.

The garlic we planted last September has come through a mild winter in great shape and our perennial asparagus are already producing .




I’ll check back with everyone once the tomatoes and peppers are ready to roll.

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The Mess That is the NY KNICKS

The New York Knickerbockers are one of New York City’s storied franchises. And when you consider that they can only claim two championship seasons in their history, those teams must have been prett…

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The Mess That is the NY KNICKS

The New York Knickerbockers are one of New York City’s storied franchises. And when you consider that they can only claim two championship seasons in their history, those teams must have been pretty special…so far above and beyond the norm. They created a truly mythic place for themselves in the annuals of the NBA. Names like Frazier, Reed, Monroe, DeBusschere and Bradley evoke memories of one of the most classic “teams” in a sport that is reverred for teamwork. The tale of Reed’s heroic appearance in game 7 against the Lakers on May 8, 1970 is the stuff of legends.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.21.03 AM

But unfortunately in recent years the closest the Knicks have come to legendary has been in their epic mismanagement and mishandling of all things basketball since the end of the Patrick Ewing era in 2000.


There has been a carousel of coaches and GM’s. Some really good, some really awful and everything in between. There was the “slap in the face” from Pat Riley. The laughable Isaiah Thomas era. The Larry Brown debacle. The Mike D’Antoni weirdness and the bizaare parting with Donnie Walsh, one of the few who actually knew what he was doing! Scott Layden, Glen Grunwald, Steve Mills and then the Zen Master’s arrival. It has been a model of total chaos and instability.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.23.54 AM

Knick fans were hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel with the arrival of Phil Jackson as the new GM in March 2014, a move that was generally applauded by everyone. Was this the end to the craziness of the preceding years? Here was a man with 13 championship rings. Two as a player with these same Knicks, and 11 as a coach. Experience as a GM/Executive…zero. And of course this is New York afterall and the nay sayers said that a big reason for all the championships as a coach were due to primarily four people. Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant and Shaquile O’Neil. I accept that he had great talent but someone has to steer the ship.

Someone who knows what they’re doing. Jackson’s philosophies and tenants guided those journeys.   It’s not easy to win a championship. It’s a whole lot harder to multiple championships. Ask Patrick Ewing. So now we sit and watch and wait for Phil’s Knick tree to bloom. For all the controversy I do think Jackson has done four important things:

-Didn’t trade away draft picks for over priced, “over the hill” veterans who are nothing but a small band-aid on a gaping open wound.

-Previous regimes created massive salary problems by signing questionable players at ridiculous salaries. (See Jerome James, Jalen Rose) Phil has not. He has populated the team with young up and comers like Hernangomez, Kuzminskas, Holliday and Baker…role players who can start to form the nucleus of a winning team without busting the bank.

-Drafted a budding superstar in Kristaps Porzingas, a player that can be built around a la Patrick Ewing. There will no doubt be another first round difference maker available to the Knicks in this year’s draft. This pick could be instrumental in turning around the team.


-Phil showed great patience in not trading Carmelo for basically nothing. If we are going to move our best player we need to get something reasonable in return. Maybe we don’t get a star back but at the very least we need to get a serviceable player or two to assist in the rebuilding for a year or two. I like Carmelo. I think he’s done everything he can to function at a high level throughout the insanity around him. Perhaps this summer the team will wave goodbye to Anthony but I much rather that a good decision be made once the team sees who the available free agents are, than a knee jerk reaction at this time of year. I am a fan of Phil’s cerebral approach.

To really evaluate Jackson’s contributions to the Knicks, we need to see another off-season or two for him to finally turn this mess around. I understand that long suffering Knick fans don’t want to hear that sort of talk but considering everything that’s gone on with this franchise since Ewing retired, I think it’s definitely worth the wait. And for now all I can say is…LET’S GO METS!

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2016 JETS…Finally a Right Decision?

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.40.57 PM


So another football season rolls into December and begins to wind down for the also rans…a term all too familiar to JET fans. When the season should be heating up and the competition for a playoff spot reaching a fever pitch, the New York JETS will be heading home to lick their wounds and wonder what went wrong in 2016.

Here is my post mortem on a season slowly fading to black.


1-Thankfully the JETS have made what I believe to be a right decision. Let me see the kid! Bryce Petty was named the QB for the remainder of the season. At some point we need to know what we have…if anything. Yesterday’s win against a lousy 49er team didn’t show us much but it showed that Petty is tough, resilient and has some talent. But he will need to show more more more if he has aspirations to be the answer the JETS have been seeking. Athletic? Check. Somewhat mobile? Check. Huge arm? Check. He needs on the field game experience. And to work with the first team offense.  Getting Decker back will be a huge plus.  That guy is money and he could be invaluable in Petty’s growth.  Fitpatrick and Smith are just not viable options anymore. And if Petty isn’t the man then they need to find out quickly so they can find somebody “to keep the seat warm” as Bill Parcells used to say until they can finally draft “the Guy”, who will lead the team for the next 10 years. Mark Sanchez was supposed to be that guy. We know how that turned out.

Todd Bowles

2-Though the coaching of Todd Bowles has been questioned by many, I believe this has been a down year complicated by aging players and injuries and the lack of consistent play at the Quarterback position. These factors are really out of Bowles control. The horrible play of the defensive backfield is his domain and he has failed miserably getting those guys to play together but I still think Bowles deserves a chance to right the ship next year. If the results are similar next year then I say bye bye birdie.

3-What the heck is up with the defense? The front seven were supposed to be EPIC…as in GREAT. They have been completely ordinary with the notable exception of Leonard Williams who is destined to be a star. Wilkerson, obviously not completely recovered from his broken leg of last year ha been a complete non-factor. It seems his health is now improving to the point that he is becoming the player we thought he was. Sheldon Richardson is a talented guy who is a total nutcase. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is traded for draft picks in the off season if anyone will have him. The JETS miss Damon Harrison as I expected they would. The linebacking has been so-so. David Harris has become old and slow. I like the young guys Lee and Jenkins but they are just that…young guys who need experience and grooming. The secondary has been a huge disappointment. Calvin Pryor has been miserable. Much was expected of Buster Skrine. Unfortunately he’s done little.


Revis Island? What a joke. DR has become an old slow and injured man, and much more rapidly that anyone thought he would. It’s painfully obvious his wrist problem is severly affecting his physical style of play. He has played better of late. Maybe he too is finally becoming healthy just in time for the season to end. He’ll be playing safety next year, if he’s even still with The JETS.


4-The offensive line has been inconsistent all year. With Mangoold in and out, Giacomini in and out, Clady in and out, the retirement of D’Brickashaw Ferguson, and the departure of Chris Ivory, the running game has been mediocre. Yesterday Bilal Powell showed us that he is a professional. Why this guy doesn’t get the respect, and why he doesn’t get more snaps is beyond me. Will Mangold return?  That remains to be seen.

Woody & Maccagnan

5-This year Mike Maccagnan will be severely tested as he runs a  crucial draft to re-stock the JETS with new talent. One only needs to take a look at what the JETS have done in the draft over the last five years and it’s plain to see why they are suffering from a dearth of high level NFL talent. But I have faith in this man to step up and do what needs to be done. Based on what he’s done so far I think we are in good hands. He better step up or it’s going to get even more ugly that it already is.

Sorry there’s not much to look forward to JETS fans. Maybe if Petty shows us something we’ll have that much to hang our hats on. Hopefully management will make more right deisions. Time to re-tool this againg team. We have some decent young players. Time to find out if any of them can be factors in the NFL.





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How Could a Jet Win or Loss this week become a Win-Win-Win?

I’ve been very very quiet about this 2016-2017 JET season. It’s been a fairly dismal disappointing season for sure. Now the team has arrived at a place that in my opinion, can be a win-win-win rega…

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How Could a Jet Win or Loss this week become a Win-Win-Win?

I’ve been very very quiet about this 2016-2017 JET season. It’s been a fairly dismal disappointing season for sure. Now the team has arrived at a place that in my opinion, can be a win-win-win regardless of whether or not they beat The Dolphins this Sunday or lose the game.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.40.57 PM

Now you’re thinking , “Yo’ Joe…have you lost what little mind you had to begin with? Have the unfortunate years of Jet calamities finally added up to the mental breakdown that was often predicted?”

Nope. I’m not crazy. I’m not delusional. I’m not a victim of years of accumulated Jet pain(also referred to frequently as “THE CURSE”). Nope. I am a reasonable and pragamatic fellow and after having studied the situation I see this weekend’s Jet-Dolphins game as a win-win-win no matter what happens. Allow me to explain.


First off let us assume the Jets lose the game in Miami. Yes it would count as a loss and probably end the team’s chances of making the post season and all but guarantee them a losing season. Well that’s a negative but in reality that’s the first WIN. Why? How? Depending on just how miserable the season gets we are all but guaranteed a great player in next year’s draft. I think Mikey Mac has done an awesome job as GM and I have every faith he’ll get his man.

Woody & Maccagnan

Now let’s assume the Jets win in Miami. Both in the obvious sense and the“keep the season alive”sense. If The Jets can indeed squish the Fish, their record improves to 4-5 and plops them into the wild card race with lots of games left in the season. That is a WIN. The following week they play a schizoid Rams team that is certainly another possible win. They would then be sitting at their bye week with a record of 5-5 with 6 games to go. They could end up 10-6 or 9-7 and squeak into the playoffs. Certainly a win no matter how you look at it.

Now for a moment let’s assume once again that The Jets lose to the Dolphins this Sunday. Once again…WIN!  Why?!??! They would be a dismal 3-6 and management would be forced to look at Bryce Petty and maybe even Christian Hackenberg. This is a major win going forward. We will finally get to see what they have in the potential starting QB sweepstakes once and for all.




It’s pretty obvious after the events of the last couple of weeks that Geno Smith won’t be back and neither will Fitzpatrick.  Finding out what’s on the roster can only be looked upon as a WIN.  A huge win going forward considering the QB problems this team has had over the years.

Continue reading

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Nature Boy Strikes Again (Happy Frogging!)

Recently I was in Nags Head on the Outer Banks of North Carolina visiting friends and family. This area is awash in various species of Tree Frogs. It was fairly easy to catch a few by hand so I decided these cute little guys would make cool pets. So we caught a few and brought them home to Long Island.

They went from being snake, bird and lizard food to being my own little terrarium zoo on my desk. I figure it’s a lot safer for them in my office than their previous haunts.

I had an old 10 gallon aquarium up in the attic. I cleaned it up and bought a screen cover. I also got a day and night light combo (you can anything you need for reptiles/amphibians from Jungle Bob Smith’s REPTILE WORLD in Centereach NY)

I also collected and brought back a couple of prickly pear cactus from The Outer Banks along with some sandy soil, some twigs and a few small pine cones. I wanted the little dudes to feel comfortable and at home in their new environment.


Then I did a little research. What do these guys eat? Well probably bugs I thought but which ones and how would I make them available to my little buddies?   After a little reading online and my conversation with the aforementioned Jungle Bob, I learned that two very nutritious meals that are very popular with these frogs.

First and foremost they love crickets. I found out that three different sizes of crickets are easily available at most pet shops. That was simple. Not only are they available but the small ones that the frogs prefer are very inexpensive. 15 for a dollar. That lasts them for a couple of days. I bought a cricket cage to maintain a small community of the insects so I always have food on hand for the frogs. I add a little water and a couple of slices of fresh carrots. That all the care and feeding the crickets require. The cage has long black tubes in which the crickets spend most of their time hiding. I slowly remove the tube, open the top of the terrarium, and tap the tube into the tank dislodging the crickets into the environment where the frogs can eat them.


The other food they really like is flightless fruit flies. I visited John at BTJ’s Jungle in West Islip NY. He sold me a cup, About the size of a one pound deli salad with some flies and food on the bottom. The flies lay eggs. The eggs become larvae and eventually they become flies. They continue the cycle over and over providing a steady supply of live food for the frogs.


Every few nights I sprinkle a batch of flies into the aquarium and the frogs do the rest. Pretty amazing to watch them hunt!

What about the actual environment? I was told to keep it moist and humid which is easily achieved by spraying once a day with an easily obtainable spray bottle.

I really like air plants. They are delicate and beautiful and pretty eay to maintain so I added a few to the terrarium with the frogs. The plants also like a humid environment so that goes together well with what the frogs like.


Frogs can get pretty frisky when they are hunting and can disturb and disrupt the plants and the setup within the tank so I came up with a good solution. I found a small log out in the yard. Cut it to fit within the confines of the tank. Then I drilled some holes in it to accommodate the air plants. The plants are protected and the frogs can go about their business.

Tree frogs are great starter pets if you’re interested in a cool terrarium or you want to get into more sophisticated reptiles/amphibians at a later time. I’d suggest you contact Jungle Bob Smith’s REPTILE WORLD in Centereach or John at BTJ’s JUNGLE in West Islip. Happy frogging!






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The Season of Discontent

From the moment the 2015 World Series ended the fan base of the NEW YORK METS wanted nothing more than a victory in the 2016 WORLD SERIES.


Unfortunately there have been a three unforseen problems that have sabotaged the METS 2016 season.


Met fans don’t want to hear it because there have been so many disappointing seasons over the years. But this season was wrecked by circumstances that are just an annoying part of the game that can’t be planned or controlled. Pointing fingers at management, coaching etc etc makes no sense. As the saying goes, “Shit happens”.

Problem number one. Their vaunted pitching staff was pretty average for most of the year. The hype said the Mets were looking at 4 – 20 game winners. NOT. But going forward they still have the making of a great, strong, young rotation that will be together for at least the next few years…still time for them to make a big impact, and I still believe there will be great success ahead.

Matt Harvey

Problem number two. Can anybody get a hit with men on base? The METS failure to drive in runs, given numerous opportunities have been nothing short of epic. If it weren’t for the early success of Neal Walker, and the continuing brilliance of Wilmer Flores and Yoenis Cespedes, the numbers would be completely ridiculous. At one point Granderson was hitting less than .150 with RISP!  YIKES !

Cespedes 2

Problem number three. INJURIES.

Plain and simple one injury after another completely derailed the METS this season. When you take a moment to really think about it, it is truly amazing that the METS have managed to endure, and as of this writing they are still on the fringe of the playoffs having lost just about every major player on the team. It’s incredible.

Has ANY team ever had to deal with the rash of physical ailments like the 2016 METS have had to deal with?

Matt Harvey….out for the season.

Zach Wheeler…out for the season.

David Wright…out for the season.

Lucas Duda…out for the season.

Juan Lagares…out for the season.

Travis D’Arnaud…out for many games.

Wilmer Flores…out for many games.

Yoenis Cespedes….out for a bunch of games

Neal Walker out for a bunch of games.

Jose Reyes…out for a bunch of games

Asdrubal Cabrerra….out for a bunch of games.

How is it possible that the METS are even close this year? Can they find a hot streak in themselves ? If they can somehow win 14 of 18 they can creep back into a race they have no right even being in. And if not…well we’ll see you next year.






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