Carmen Lundy’s SOUL to SOUL

Carmen Lundy's latest collection of original contemporary jazz music is nothing short of a revelation.  It is about 70 minutes of jubilation spewing forth from a confident artist and her band upon achieving a higher level.  Allow me to say a few words about my favorite works in the collection.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 5.50.05 PM

The opening track KINDRED SPIRITS may be Carmen’s life story though it sounds like it could be the biography of any of us and I think that’s why it connects.  I am particularly taken by both her chord changes and the elastic fluidity of her searching voice. It’s quite an accomplishment that she brings such power and depth to a song that could be on the Top 40 jazz charts. Drummer Jamison Ross and Darryl Hall on electric bass push the track to places with an uplifting feel generating a power seldom felt in modern jazz.


The second cut in the collection entitled LIFE IS A SONG IN ME lays down a sultry groove that serves as the perfect foundation for Carmen’s vocal journey.  Patrice Rushen’s work on Rhodes is a smooth atmospheric ride over the relaxed rolling track.  The chorus almost becomes a sort of African chant and once it’s in your brain it’s there to stay.


The title tone SOUL TO SOUL adds Randy Brecker on trumpet and flugelhorn and Ava Rovatti on the tenor sax. Ms. Lundy’s voice floats gently above a dreamy track that slides between keys and time signatures with an ease and grace. There are few if any serious jazz vocalists taking the chances Carmen Lundy is taking. This sort of exploration is common amongst instrumentalists but seldom is it practiced by a vocalist and even less seldomly by a vocalist of the breadth and depth of Carmen Lundy.  Jamison Ross is a wonderful drummer who twists and turns and pulls everything together with a tasty light tough and impeccable feel.

When I saw the show at The Jazz Standard in NYC in December 2014,  Carmen did the song WHEN WILL THEY LEARN and she prefaced the song with the explanation that the lyric referred to drugs.  I found that an interesting inference because upon first listening I was drawn to a possible political explanation of the lyric.  Again Carmen wraps her voice around a beautiful melodic slant complimented beautifully by her comfortable band. Carol Robbins work on the harp adds a completely unexpected dimension to the track.

DAYBREAK is a peppy ode to Carmen’s “baby”.  It’s a jumpy little piece of  bop.  Just when I expected to hear a tenor sax break cutting through, Warren Wolf threw me a curve with his thoughtful vibes.
The next track is called BETWEEN THE DARKNESS AND THE DAWN, and it’s a syncopated word poem in a bluesy style made memorable by the interesting flights of Carmen’s scat singing.
One of my faves on the collection is GRACE.  I can see the African plains…a long line of women in white…under a bright blue sky and great puffs of white clouds…the Mississippi delta in June..this music evokes so many images.  The relaxed mood allows the vocals to breathe in a completely new light finding their way above a nostalgic track. The lyric is a thankful prayer for the amazing grace that has woven itself through so many lives.
The mood become more uptempo with GRATEFUL.  Patrice Rushen’s piano pushes the track ever forward as Ms. Lundy expresses her gratitude in a bright and engaging swing.  Bennie Maupin’s tenor say is just the right accompaniment to the spirit of the song.
EVERYTHING I NEED is a mid tempo bossa nova groove that pulls us in to Carmen Lundy’s warm and engaging vocal performance. Her expressions of love for her special one are both genuine and flowing.
WHAT’S YOUR STORY, MORNING GLORY wraps up the collection.  It’s an odd little tune.  It’s sort of a collision between Carmen’s classic past and her newer musical explorations.  It comes together in an easy sultry kind of  meltdown.  An interesting end to a very interesting collection of music.  If you haven’t discovered Carmen Lundy and her amazing music, SOUL TO SOUL is as good a place to start as any.  I would also highly recommend her albums CHANGES…and one of her oldies NIGHT AND DAY.  Truly brilliant stuff !



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Goodbye Rex…and Good Luck!

Goodbye Rex…and Good Luck!.

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Goodbye Rex…and Good Luck!

Yesterday Woody Johnson,  the owner of the football menagerie known as the New York Jets, cut loose his General manager John Idzik,  and his coach Rex Ryan.  Idzik didn’t do much after two years on the job and Rex hadn’t really done much since his back to back AFC Title Game appearances in years one and two of his time with the team.  This circumstance certainly wasn’t a surprise to anyone who follows the JETS.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 5.51.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 5.44.25 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 5.52.21 PM

If you know me at all you know I am a passionate (bordering on maniacal) Jet fan, who has had season tickets since 1977.  I’ve followed this team closely since 1967 and I’ve seen all of the ups and downs…highs and lows…the coaching carousel that never seems to stop long enough to contemplate a man’s era.  Rex had six years.  That was a pretty good run.  If the JETS had gone 9-7 this year and snuck into the playoffs I wouldn’t be sitting here right now writing yet another obituary for a coach that just didn’t get it done. He didn’t have to get to he Super Bowl in 2014.  I think after last year all he had to do was get to the playoffs.  Unfortunately for him and the JETS he didn’t make it.  John Idzik’s salary cap maneuvering should have guaranteed Rex would have made it.  What with all those millions of dollars of cap space just begging to bring in higher quality players. But Idzik either didn’t understand Ryan’s defensive system,  or simply ignored it for whatever reason. Cornerbacks on an island?  Remember that? Knock knock…?  Hello John?  Anybody home? Idzik’s plan this season was like asking Phil Jackson to win championships in Chicago without Scottie or in LA without Shaq.  John Idzik made a big boo boo that buried Rex and the Jets and ultimately himself.  Idzik made a point of informing us all that the JETS would be primarily built through the draft.  OK.  That’s a reasonable plan. Unfortunately for John and the JETS of his 12 draft picks this past year,  only 2 made the team.  He drafted 3 wide receivers…none of them are around now. If the draft is your baby then you need to show some tangible results.  NADA Zippo Nothing.  On top of that his free agent signings did little to help get Rex where he needed to be. Ivory…good.  Decker…good.  Dimitri Patterson?  Not so good. Even though this year’s offense wasn’t much to write home about,  had the JETS had the professional corners they needed to plat Rex’ system,  I think they would have been a lot closer to 9-7 than 4-12.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 6.14.01 PM

Rex Ryan definitely put his stamp on things but in the final analysis he ended up with a career record under .500 as so many of his predecessors did. he was 4-2 in the all important postseason.  But he never got them to the promised land…a Super Bowl appearance…close…but no cigar.  Parcells took them to one AFC Championship game.  Rex did it twice.  No small feat for sure but he couldn’t take the JETS to the next level.  It certainly wasn’t a lack on his part.  Sometimes you need to be lucky and rex didn’t have a bunch of that commodity.

I have nothing but good feelings for Rex Ryan.  I found him to be a breath of fresh air in a JET landscape littered with dull, joyless seasons.  Rex brought a bravado that I really appreciated.  Hey…back to back AFC Title Games ain’t nothing to sneeze at,  but I’m just sorry he didn’t finish the job.  That second game against Pittsburgh was winnable…and probably should have been won.  Ughhhh

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 6.17.17 PM

Good luck Rex!  I’m sure you’ll land squarely on your feet.  Your future is full of promise.  I hope you do great things…actually I’m pretty sure you will.  Just do all of us long suffering Jet fans a favor…and do it in some other division so we don’t have to be reminded of yet another JET shortfall.

I was pretty impressed with what Woody Johnson said at the press conference. The image of the know nothing owner was dispelled as he got into the specifics of why the JETS were no-shows in 2014.  Now he has Charlie Casserly and Ron Wolf as his latest brain trust.  These guys know what they are doing.  Let’s hope the owner listens…and makes the right decisions.

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Can the Knicks really be THIS Bad?

Can the Knicks really be THIS Bad?.

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Can the Knicks really be THIS Bad?

The New York Knicks have always held a special place in my sports heart.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.21.03 AM

Walt “Clyde” Frazier…Willis Reed…Dave DeBusschere…Patrick Ewing…Charles Oakley…Allan Houston..The “dunk”…LJ’s magical 3…Willis against the Lakers…it’s been a long long stretch between championship seasons but with the arrival of Phil “the Zen Master” Jackson, it seemed like the light at the end of the tunnel was shining a bit brighter. And why not?  12 Championships makes for a pretty impressive resume.  Of course he had Michael and Scottie and Kobe and Shaq, not to mention Cartwright and Paxson and Rodman and Fisher and Gasol etc etc etc etc .

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 11.23.54 AM

Let me state that I am not one of these Knick fans losing their mind at the current state of affairs. Am I amazed by the futility?  yes I am.  Am I astounded by the inability to finish games?  To play defense? To make the big shot? Frankly …yes I am.  It’s no secret this team is flawed.  It’s no secret that there is little or nor scoring punch after Carmelo Anthony and when your best defensive player is a 30-something guard, the chances for success are limited indeed particularly after they traded Tyson Chandler, a defensive force in the middle.


But there are professional players on this team.  Stoudemire is old and beat up but he has played well and is a hard working example for young players. JR Smith,  the enigma, is only a year removed from the sixth man award. Iman Shumpert? Tim Hardaway Jr?  Not exactly a hall of fame caliber roster but 5 and 26??  Are you kidding me?  Maybe Derek Fisher is in over his head? Some of his moves have been perplexing but we all must remember that Fisher is only a season away from playing.  Though he has been a champion several times and an articulate and intelligent basketball mind,  he is still a rookie in a market that is incredibly unforgiving. A market that has lost all patience with losing.  This is a market that has limped through the follies of Isaiah Thomas…the Larry Brown saga…the Donnie Walsh era and the head scratching firing of Glenn Grunwald… the numerous, ridiculous decisions of  owner Jim Dolan.  This fan base has had enough.  And yet I am willing to go through this miserable season in the hopes that Phil Jackson can deliver on his Christmas message when he said via Twitter, “#knicknation Merry Christmas to all and Peace on earth. Please be assured your hopes and wishes are getting through to Santa. He will bring #knicknation a better 2015 than 14. The effort and skill of our team will grow as the players learn how to play with and for each other.”

I could be wrong but I think Santa Phil has a pretty good handle on what has to happen in New York before these Knicks can win a championship. Even though we are mired in an absurd low-light of a season, I do believe the franchise will rise again in the next couple of years.

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34 Years in An Instant…

I remember 1980 was an unusually warm year. Even the month of December seemed sort of balmy.  It was a Sunday afternoon like any other.  I was packing up my briefcase to head off to work at Oceans New York, the tropical fish import company I owned at the time. Big shipments were due in from overseas that evening and since it was about a 45 minute drive from Port Washington to the warehouse, I liked to get rolling around 130 in the afternoon..  I had paperwork to do for US Fish & Wildlife Service and US Customs.  I always checked in with my partner and my key people to make sure everything was in order. Everything was on time and the whole import process was going smoothly.  I kissed my wife and my young son goodbye,  and said I’d see her the next day.  I knew I wasn’t getting home until 6 or 7 Monday night.  This was the toughest stretch during the week…a 30+ hour marathon of saltwater and shriveled hands.  A test of mental and physical acuity to which I had become accustomed.  I remember thinking that it was lucky that such a large amount of valuable live fish were arriving at a moment when the weather was not as frigid as it could be.


I began my drive on the Southern State Parkway heading towards JFK Airport. I was feeling tired.  The week before myself and the crew had put in well over 70 hours of hard work.  The schedule we kept was grueling  but I was young and strong and used to the grind. And anyway I loved my work and I was making a lot of money.


At 430am the next morning, after a night of relentless work, I crashed at my desk, sleeping in soaked sneakers and stained T-shirt.  At exactly 6am the clients would be lined up at the back door waiting to gain entry to the warehouse to scoop us what goodies they could find from what had just arrived from overseas.  I awoke at 530, stumbled into the shower and let the hot water bring me to my senses.  The clients began streaming in and by 12 noon the Monday Morning Crush, as we used to call it was over.


I remember eating lunch and reading the New York Post.  The Jets were completing a miserable season…John & Yoko had released a new album, his first in 5 years…Ronald Reagan was preparing to be the next President and there was a story about Ted Turner’s new venture CNN.


That night I remember arriving home exhausted from the day and being so mentally fried  that even the cries of my colicky son couldn’t keep me awake.  I watched the news and then fell off to sleep.


6am December 9th. The phone rings and wakes me from a dead sleep. It’s my sister in-law calling from her home in Stone Harbor way down south on the Jersey Shore. In my half wake state I’m confused as to why she’d be calling so early. She asks me if I had heard about what happened in New York the night before.  I say no thinking maybe there was some holiday festivity that I had missed.  She says someone shot John Lennon.


I sat in stunned silence for a moment and then I blurted out IS HE OK!?!?!?!?!  Quietly…in hushed tones she replies that he died from gunshot wounds. I remember my first reaction was overwhelming ANGER.  I yelled at her and said WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING?!?!  She repeated the awful news once again and I could hear the terrible sadness in her voice. I was so crushed I wasn’t exactly sure what to say or think. I said NO WAY. HE CAN’T BE DEAD! ARE YOU SURE!??! WHO WOULD WANT TO KILL JOHN LENNON!?!?!  I put on the TV news and there right before my eyes this horrifying, senseless story was being recounted over and over.  I drove to the local deli and bought the newspapers as if hoping that the story was somehow a terrible mistake,  that it couldn’t possibly be true.


Life went on as usual that day and the days following. My insane work schedule did not relent.  I found myself crying on and off in front of (and with many of) my employees.  In front of my clients.  In front of my vendors.  The pain of the loss was so excruciating and so deep it was as if my mother or my dearest friend had passed on.

As the days passed I continued to buy newspapers and magazines telling the grim and painful story over and over again.  Each time I read through the articles I was searching, hoping that the story wasn’t true. I felt the pain for his wife,  his young child,  his friends. I felt the pain for ME. The more I listened to DOUBLE FANTASY the more bizarre and unreal the entire course of events seemed.


Eventually, like the whole world,  I had to simply accept the mind numbing sadness.


34 years have passed in what seems like an instant but the pain of the loss remains. Oh to think what might have been…what could have been.


English: John Lennon and Yoko Ono

English: John Lennon and Yoko Ono (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Dysfunctional Jets Need a QB Again


Just when it couldn’t get any more ridiculous,  the NY JETS have found a plethora of ways to infuriate the fans, mystify the media and completely amaze and confound onlookers from around the league.


Where do I even begin with this morass of craziness?




First we took a developing QB who was on his way and treated him to a lack of offensive weapons.  Then we brought in another marquee QB to “back him up”  when all along it was obvious the intent was to compete with him and hopefully “push” him along. I’m not talking about Geno Smith and Michael Vick.  I’m talking about Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. So Sanchez is unceremoniously sent packing and through the typical NFL injury scenario he becomes the starter in Philly for the Eagles.  He plays just well enough to keep the Birds in contention.  I for one, am rooting for him.  Tebow is out of the league and doing color commentary on football telecasts.


Fast forward to this year’s continuing Geno Smith experiment.In the game against the Dolphins just played, Smith starts ostensibly to find out if he can be the leader of the future. I think we were all assuming he gets a 5 game “audition” if you will to see if he can actually do his thing in the NFL.  So what do the JETS do?  They run the ball 49 times,  and though the numbers are impressive, they lose once again.  Since the run game was so impressive wouldn’t it be a no-brainer that they mix in some play action and a few screens. Nope. So what exactly was the point?  They could have had Matt Simms handoff just as well as Geno Smith. Ahhh the absurdity of the NY Jets.




At this point I am convinced it’s a failure and the JETS need to seriously address the situation and decide where they are going. Smith might be an OK backup and who knows…some team might even want to continue to make him a starter in this league, but I just don’t see it.  I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again but that’s how I see it in December 2014. I am focused on the QB of the future and I think his name is Marcus Mariota.  Who?  The 6-4 219 pound Oregon signal caller seems to have all the physical and mental traits to succeed in the very tough NFL. His stats are so gaudy they seem fake. In three seasons totalling 38 game,  he has thrown 99 touchdowns and 12 interceptions for for nearly 10,000 yards and a 67% completion percentage. During this same time he has rushed for over 2100 yards!  Oregon Football at described him thusly, The most prolific quarterback in school history has led Oregon to more wins (33) than any of his contemporaries in less than three seasons while holding no fewer than seven of the program’s season and career passing pinnacles, and eclipsing conference standards . . . Has accounted for a minimum of three touchdowns in 10 of 11 games and four scores eight times”


This guy can play and I believe that the JETS are a competent QB away from returning to the playoffs.  They have a few holes that need to be addressed.  Their defensive backfield is a mess and the offensive line needs quality depth.


Unfortunately the NFL is not a very forgiving environment.  Rex Ryan and his staff will most likely be gone after this disaster of a season but whomever takes over will have NO CHANCE of success unless they have the right QB to groom.  As far as I’m concerned that QB is Mariota.


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CROZ, a Masterful Musical Effort, 19 years in the Making

David Crosby is American music icon.  Born in Los Angeles on August 14, 1941, Crosby has led a varied oft times controversial life. He was a founding member of two widely known classic pop-rock bands: The Byrds and Crosby Stills and Nash.


It has been nearly two decades since the last Crosby solo album.  On January 28th, 2014 Crosby released his latest collection entitled, “CROZ”.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.41.55 PM

The lyric content displays a varied set of themes that David had to express in his own personal way. He takes a few steps into politics, a few steps into nostalgia and one big leap into defining the human condition as he sees it. The album combines  funky light jazz with Crosby’s roots-y folk feel to create a wonderfully unique sonic pallet from which the stories are told.

In November 2013, he spoke with Rolling Stone, about the album. He said, “I wanted to challenge myself. Most guys my age would have done a covers record or duets on old material. This won’t be a huge hit.  It’ll probably sell nineteen copies. I don’t think kids are gonna dig it, but I’m not making it for them. I’m making it for me. I have this stuff that I need to get off my chest.”

The album opens with the song WHAT’S BROKEN written by pianist and Crosby’s son James Raymond.  It is a soaring high point in many ways. The lyrics lay out a bleak American landscape full of “frozen language”, the isolation of modern living, the desperation of forces beyond the control of the individual and the startling realizations that truth is not always true. The music is a restrained yet percolating underlay of light jazz piano performed by Raymond and tightly knit drumming by Steve DiStanilao. Mark Knopfler‘s stylistic electric guitar takes the track to higher place with his inspired and tasty fills. I can feel the hair on the back of neck bristling as he takes flight in his distinctive and soaring way.

On the next rack TIME I HAVE, written by Crosby,  he talks about what he needs to do with the limited time he has, (that we all have) in this life. It’s a haunting lyric that makes a great many points about life inthes United States and though he doesn’t name names,  it’s pretty obvious what he’s thinking about many issues.

HOLDING ON TO NOTHING seems to a David Crosby daydream set to music in the way a Monet splashes color on a canvas. It’s a look inside his mind on a day like anyother. Winton Marsalis adds flashes of jazz unfused light and the fretless bass of kevin McCormick feels like the perfect accompaniment.

RADIO is a call to action.  A call to all the citizens of America,  and in a greater sense the entire world.  Time to get to work to save our brothers and sisters from the rising tides of ignorance, intolerance and indifference. The lyric is gentle but the message quite powerful.  “And your hands are slippery, the wind is strong, the boat is rocking, the world is storm, your hands are slippery, you feel like turning away to run free, your hands are slippery but you can pull someone out of the sea.”

SET THAT BAGGAGE DOWN is friendly piece of advice for a generation lost in time.  It’s a cautionary tale presented to the Baby Boomers.  “Let that baggage down..every girl that left you…every friend that ran…everything that broke you…bury it in the sand!”

Crosby and son James Raymond collaborate on another high point of the collection entitled,”DANGEROUS NIGHT”.  Once again Crosby lays himself bare for all to see as he searches for the answers in this lifetime. His indictments not only point out the confusion of the world around us,  but the feelings he has that perhaps we are powerless to affect real changes in a world of isolation.  He searches for that “someone who won’t give up in the frozen rain, who’ll walk right next to me through the orchards and the grain”.  Few of us find those life companions as we travel the earthly journey.

The collection ends with the song FIND A HEART.  Crosby asks us to dig deeply into a place where we can  find our own voice…our own peace and our own language. It’s a peace to “make you whole”, a passage to “illumination”. He suggests we make our deepest heart  “open” so we can reach in and touch it. He wants us to be in touch with that part of ourselves that is so deep and open that we can find a true course to peace.  The music track swirls around the lyric, caressing and lifting the words into a spiritual realm. By finding our own deepest voice can we then reach out and touch those around us in a more meaningful and complete way.

This collection music is a wonderful experience.  I’d highly recommend you find a copy and listen to this music.  A couple of times. Maybe several times!




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Freefalling Jets Look to the Future…Again

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re a long time JET fan like myself,  you’re probably used to the scenario by now.  Promising collection of players being lead by a newbie QB who can’t seem to get it together fat enough to placate the fans, the media, et al.  It begins to get pretty darn old.







Rex Ryan‘s first 2 seasons were filled with crazy scenarios and unlikely success.  They were also filled with hope that a long awaited championship was on the horizon.  His brash pronouncements and uber confidence were a refreshing and welcome change to a team culture that had a long list of lamentable losses.  Even the high and mighty Bill Parcells couldn’t finish the job he started, though I thank him for changing the team culture at a time when losing was expected.




An inside view of MetLife Stadium during the f...

An inside view of MetLife Stadium during the first-ever preseason matchup between the Giants and Jets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: An image of Rex Ryan during his tenur...

English: An image of Rex Ryan during his tenure as Baltimore Ravens coach, head and shoulders only for the infobox, cropped from the original using Paint.NET v3.5.5 by Jeff G. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But with some success,  even in limited doses, comes change.  Change in perception, change in results change in attitudes.  Losing is no longer accepted as it once was.  And with that change in attitude comes a stress level amongst the fan base that gets ever intense with each failing. Did anyone expect the Jets to win a championship this year.  I think not.  Did the fans think the Jets could win 9 or 10 games if the offense gave a respectable showing? I think so.  Did anyone see a disastrous 1-6 free fall season on the horizon?  Probably not.




So where do they go from here? Not many options at this point for sure. It has become an “evaluate the QB” season.  Win what games that you can but put Geno Smith under the microscope and find out if he can be the man going forward. If he doesn’t show significant improvement over the next 9 games go out and either draft or sign another QB who can be proficient in the NFL passing game.



The next Idzik draft will make or break his GM career in New York.  This year’s draft class was a huge underwhelming disappointment.  He needs to do better if he expects to start the Jets next ascension.  The fans and the media won’t be too thrilled if he fails.



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Jets Season Crashes as Geno Burns

What looked like it might be a promising season on the rise for the New York Jets has come crashing back to earth only a few short weeks into the season. An 18 point lead at Lambeau Field is a distant memory.

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


After a game one victory, Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson made a mockery of the Jet secondary as the Packers came back to beat the Jets. The Bears followed with a sloppy effort that should have been Jet win number 2, but again too many mistakes and not enough offensive juice lead to another lowly loss.   The Jet defense may be rated at the top of the league but not enough big plays,  not enough impact plays, not enough takeaways to get the team over the top.

That brings us to week 4 in which an up and down Lions team took care of the up and down Jets team, putting the Green and White into a very precarious playoff position. Less than 15% of the teams that begin a season 1-3 make the playoffs.  Considering they are looking at the Chargers, The Broncos and the Patriots, the Jets could easily be 1-6 by Halloween…a very spooky thought.  Even worse,  with Rex Ryan basically coaching for his job,  it’s possible that his reign with the Jets could be in serious jeopardy.  The fans love him,  but they love winning a whole lot more.  Should the season turn out to be the disaster it’s beginning to look like,  GM John Idzik will most likely be forced to cut ties and start all over again. A most disappointing option considering the emotional re-hiring of Rex after the last game last season by Woody Johnson.


Worse still…has Idzik seen enough of Geno Smith?  He showed signs of maturation in the off season.  Throughout the pre-season he seemed in command. Even through the first 2 games it looked as though the young man was growing up before our eyes.  He has taken a rather large step backward in the last 2 games.  Strange decisions…poor high throws to wide open receivers…running when he shouldn’t,  and not running when he should.  More costly interceptions that really didn’t have to happen.

NFL teams that succeed are lead by quality signal callers. Brady in New England, Manning in Denver, Dalton in Cinncy, Brees in New Orleans, Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh, Manning in New York, Wilson in Seattle. Kapernick in San Fran. Teams with quality quarterbacks are perennial playoff teams,  and more often than not multiple championship winners. There’s no getting around it.  Teams with great supporting casts and mediocre QB play go nowhere year after year and it’s starting to look like the Jets are in that category.  They have had a consistently good defense but the offense has been questionable since Sanchez and it seems like it’s going that way with Smith.  Smith didn’t do himself any favors by getting into a cursing match with the fans as he left the field after Sunday’s loss.

He’s since apologized but losing his cool in this environment wasn’t a good sign. According to ESPN online, ”

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Embattled quarterback Geno Smith lost his cool after the New York Jets‘ third straight loss, shouting an obscenity at a heckler as he walked off the field Sunday at MetLife Stadium. “F— you!” Smith yelled at the fan moments after the Jets’ 24-17 loss to the Detroit Lions. Footage of the incident, caught on camera by WCBS 2 New York, shows Smith — with his helmet off — glaring into a crowd before spewing the profane response. The heckler isn’t seen on camera, and there is no audio of the fan yelling at Smith.Smith opened his postgame news conference by apologizing for the outburst. He declined to specify what the fan said to set him off, saying only that it came from “one guy,” and it wasn’t a Michael Vick-related comment.”

It takes immense mental toughness to deal with the massive pressures put on the QB position in New York.  Add to that the growing pains a young player experiences and the added burden of “win now” fans,  and it seems nearly impossible to rise above in this town.  Eli Manning did it.  It’s a huge testament to his ability and his toughness.  Does Geno Smith have those same qualities? At this early stage perhaps it’s impossible to tell. But that’s why John Idzik gets paid the big bucks as the GM and I’m just a season ticket holding fan.  Idzik has to decide if it’s time for both Rex and Smith to go and start over.  That is one decision that I would not want to have to make.

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